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Opinion: Where is Suffolk’s clout?

James Bartlett

It’s time for Suffolk students to get the clout other schools have.

I started an internship last week at a company a few blocks from Suffolk’s campus.

I was the only person at this internship from Suffolk, I’m actually one of the only Suffolk students who got this internship in the past decade.

I sat in my orientation meeting surrounded by Northeastern students, whose school has a close relationship with the hiring managers, and the Tufts students who, despite the school not having a major specific for that industry, were there for a short term internship program their school has as a partnership with my company.

I felt like an outsider, an imposter. Like I was there by mistake or by some strange coincidence. It wasn’t a great feeling.

While I sat there thinking about the hard road I had taken to get to my position (which I take a lot of pride in, don’t get me wrong), I also reflected on how much easier my path could have been at another institution that seems to always have students getting big opportunities.

Then I wondered: Why?

I pay a lot of money to go to Suffolk, even more with the recent tuition hike, yet I give very little credit to this school for my success, which is a hard pill to swallow as someone who really loves the students here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain those other people have had to work hard to get where they are at their respective Universities, but it just feels like there is a different set of standards and expectations for those students.

Despite being around for over 100 years we just don’t seem to have much clout.

We haven’t been the setting of any Hollywood movies, unless you count Suffolk being the school Matt Damon’s character attended in The Departed and had a view from in his apartment.

Hollywood notoriety aside, Suffolk needs to do a better job getting their students opportunities and helping them make connections.

I’m very competitive but I really don’t want to be the only Suffolk student at things anymore, I want our school (staff, admin, professors) to not just commend us on our impressive achievements but encourage these pursuits and HELP us achieve them.

Let me be clear, I have learned a lot in the classroom, but my achievements outside of them are of no thanks to Suffolk and I hope the school understands that I never want to see them using me as the example for what their students can do, because it’s an example of what I can do. I’m really proud of that but I also wish it wasn’t entirely the case.

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James Bartlett, Multimedia Editor | he/him
James Bartlett is a senior studying print and web journalism. Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, James has a strong interest in photojournalism and new journalism tools such as podcasting and user-generated content. James is currently a Web Journalist at WHDH Channel 7 and has previously worked at and the Newburpoty Daily News. Follow James on Twitter @James_bartlett8 Email him at [email protected]

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Opinion: Where is Suffolk’s clout?