Suffolk’s Title IX Office shares resources after sexual assault of community member

A representative from Suffolk University’s Title IX Office discussed what resources it had to the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting Thursday, about two weeks after a member of the Suffolk community was sexually assaulted in the Public Garden.

Some of the issues that fall under Title IX law are sexual assaults and sexual harassment on campus, discrimination based on sex, stalking and relationship violence and domestic abuse. Sheila Calkins, the director of Title IX at Suffolk, said the office is first and foremost a resource for students.

Calkins stressed that the most important thing for students who have been sexually assaulted is to make sure that they “get the medical care they need.” She went on to say that the victim should also find someone they can trust and “tell someone what happened so that you can make sure that you have that support that you need.”

The office of Title IX  will get in touch with professors after a crisis occurs in order to make accommodations for the student, and can help with housing placement for students who need to be removed from certain situations. The Title IX office also works with the Suffolk University Police Department (SUPD) to file restraining orders if the student wishes to.

SUPD has an escort service where an officer will walk with  students in and around Suffolk’s campus to make sure they get where they are going safely. The university police department also offers self defense courses for students.

If you or someone you know would like to contact the office of Title IX, you can reach them by email at [email protected]. Sheila Calkins can be reached by phone at 617-573-8027.