BREAKING: Karine Kanj and Oba Oseghali win as president and vice president of SGA for the 2019-2020 school year

In a stunning upset, Suffolk’s Student Government Association (SGA) announces Karin Kanj as incoming president and Oba Oseghali as vice president of the upcoming school year.

Two hours after the closure of the polls after a three-day span, SGA announced via Twitter that Kanj and Oseghali had won against their other opponents. The pair came out on top of a total of five nominees that entered the race.

“I’m super excited,” said Karine Kanj in an interview with The Suffolk Journal. “I’m kind of shocked, but it feels good to know that all of my hard work has paid off. I’ve been fighting since day one so it’s nice to know that not giving up gets you somewhere essentially.”

Kanj explained that she was surrounded by friends as she got the phone call from current senior and SGA VP Doug Botelho. She said that the room immediately burst with cheers.

Last year current SGA president Morgan Robb became the first female leader that the association had seen in six years. Kanj credited Robb with shaping her into the student and leader that she has become.

“[Robb] was one of the best role models that I’ve ever had,” said Kanj. “I have big shoes to fill for sure, but I think it’s great.”

Already being familiar with Oseghali, Kanj said she is thrilled to be working alongside him in the upcoming semester.

“I’m so grateful for everyone who came and voted. It was a huge race. I’m glad people took this as seriously as they could,” said Oseghali in an interview with The Journal after the election results.

Although running on different campaigns, Both Kanj and Oseghali both focused on international students and how to help improve their relationship with Suffolk as their university.

“I feel amazing. Overwhelmed. My phone is blowing up. It feels so good. Now, I’m just ready to do work,” said Oseghali.

At the end of the race Kanj took home 50 percent of the vote beating out her fellow counterpart Yasir Batalvi by 93 votes.

“I think everyone put on a phenomenal campaign,” said Kanj. “Clearly everyone was very passionate that was running, so it was nice to hear everyone’s fight and hopefully win or lose everyone will stick within [SGA] and stick with their senator positions and keep fighting for the voice of the students.”