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Milk Bar and &pizza wow students but not their wallets

Katelyn Norwood / Journal Staff

A 20-minute train ride on the Red Line will lead you to Harvard Square, and to two of its newest restaurants; Milk Bar and &pizza.

This is the first storefront that both Milk Bar and &pizza have opened in New England, meaning both the owners and customers are getting a special experience from this new location. Milk Bar, owned by Christina Tosi, is based in New York City and &pizza, owned by Michael Lastoria, is based in Washington D.C. Although the restaurant chains are far apart in different cities, it has not stopped the owners from becoming friends and collaborating on the project that is now open in Harvard Square.

The two businesses share one space and, on the day of the grand opening, garnered lines with wait times of two hours that wrapped around the block. Today, the line for Milk Bar reaches from one wall to the other of the establishment. The atmosphere is busy, yet casual and relaxed.  Long communal eating tables are followed by two-person tables that fill up quickly and make the space a shared aesthetic for both companies.

Students value price, taste, convenience and any opportunity to take an Instagram worthy picture, and with rave reviews coming in after its opening, the eateries are worth trying.

Milk Bar’s side of the space is vibrant and extremely pink. Customers can expect neon signs and merchandise such as hats, pencils and “make your own” kits to bring home. The ordering process was a breeze, but long lines are to be expected as it only opened a few weeks ago.

With a fair-sized menu, selecting a treat was easy. Cereal milk has been the bar’s most talked about item and posted on most influencer’s Instagrams. At $5.50 a cup for the delicacy ($7.15 with tax), it may not be the best for a college student’s budget.

The fruity cereal crunch cereal milk, a soft serve ice cream dish with a wraparound layer of rainbow-colored cereal flakes, had a surprisingly smooth texture. The soft serve had a salty taste to it from the way it is made with cereal. While it was unusual, the combination of salty and sweet blended together deliciously.

With &pizza’s counter an arm’s reach away, customers can cure both their sweet and savory cravings in one stop. “the OG” pizza is topped with flavorful tomato, mozzarella and basil. You won’t find your typical fountain drinks at this “counter-culture pizza brand.” Instead, “&soda” options include beverages like Mango + Passion Fruit, Burdock + Anise Root Beer and Ginger Berry Lemonade.

With the long flatbread and drink costing $14.25, it felt that neither counter offered student friendly prices. The pizza itself took only six minutes to make and tasted fantastic with little mess. The pizzas can be shared between two people or easily devoured by one.

From a student perspective, the establishment is not friendly to a college budget. However, it offers a fun and relaxed setting to hang out with friends and is open until midnight during the week and until 2 a.m. on weekends. &pizza offers free wifi which is a great perk for customers. Clientele seems to fall in the 20-year-old range

The setting, while quirky, may not be the ideal for a new study spot, as you can always expect a line and pop music playing.

Overall, Milk Bar and &pizza is worth a visit and a taste. The atmosphere is quirky and upbeat, and the food is unique and new to the area. This new hangout spot has its perks located in Harvard Square, being around great restaurants and shops. Milk Bar is a great place to bring self-proclaimed “foodies,” friends, visitors that are new to the area or to simply snap an Instagram worthy shot. However, Suffolk students visiting the shop more than a few times a month may not find it ideal due to the commute and price range.

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Katelyn Norwood, News Editor | she/her
Katelyn is a senior majoring in public relations and minoring in journalism. When this Massachusetts native is not typing up a storm, you can find her dog watching in the Boston Common, working at Suffolk Performing Arts, and passionately talking about the latest political issue with a hot chai latte. One day Katelyn hopes to be working on the editorial side of the magazine or media industry. She has completed interning with HGTV as an editorial intern. Follow Katelyn on Twitter @katelyn_norwood Email her at [email protected]

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Milk Bar and &pizza wow students but not their wallets