Swedish band INVSN set to tour in Boston


By Facebook user invsnmusic

Serving as a procurement of fresh percussive sound and fury, Swedish band INVSN (pronounced Invasion) released their latest album “The Beautiful Stories,” earlier this year. Acting as a sort of hodge-podge of Swedish punk and rock artists, the group is comprised of various Swedish talent. Fans of the groups, Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy, should be thrilled to recognize frontman Dennis Lyxzén alongside fellow bandmates Sara Almgren, Anders Stenberg, Christina Karlsson, and Andre Sandstrom, all who originate from their own Swedish influential punk and rock groups.


The group has been friends for years, according to Lyxzén in a recent phone interview with The Suffolk Journal. Lyxzén spoke to the special bond the group has formed over the years, saying that the overall synchronicity that the band has stems from the experience of playing together and the friendships that have evolved.

By Facebook User invsnmusic

For Lyxzén, this band is a music project that he assembled during his career, similar to that of Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy.


“[The project] started a long time ago; we all have our other bands, for a long time you just play music to play music,” said Lyxzén. “But a couple years ago that changed, from just being a project that plays once in awhile, to being a full and pretentious band.”

According to Lyxzén, forming the band came naturally because of the frequency of time spent with one another outside of the group. However, he did note that INVSN is different from all of the other groups the members have been a part of due to the nature of the band.


“I think that it’s a big difference from other bands because it’s driven in a way that’s different in the way we write songs and the way we play is different from most of the other bands I’ve played in,” he said.  “It’s much more percussive and much more not based on guitars, which used to be my type of world. It was guitar heavy music, but that’s not what we’re based in.”

The INVSN members hail from influential punk and rock groups across Sweden, and according to Lyxzén, the cultural shift from Europe to America is one of the touring aspects he’s most looking forward to.

“I mean, just looking forward to that, there’s something romantic about traveling through America,” he said. “There’s something about coming to America, even though Sweden is very influenced by America in pop culture; it is a very different country to tour in. I’m very much looking forward to the travel and just seeing America, it’s going to be exciting.”


INVSN will be performing at Great Scott in Allston tonight at 9 p.m. Tickets are $15 at the door.