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Olympics spark possible peace talks in Korea

By Facebook user @Reuters Pictures
February 14, 2018

The collaboration between North and South Korea during the winter Olympic games has ignited rumors of future peace talks between the adjacent feuding countries. On Saturday, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un...

Suffolk professors talk options on North Korea

By Facebook user ABC news
October 4, 2017

While North Korea is considered a reclusive country, many still venture to the nation in order to learn more about the inner political workings of the government. As a part of social sciences week, the...

Degrade the North Korean economy

April 19, 2017

President Trump has pointed out the strong linkage between China and North Korea, and he correctly assumes China can influence North Korea’s weapons development program.  We must work with China on...

Trump continues policy backpedal

By Twitter user @realdonaldtrump
Suffolk's Asia expert highlights latest presidential compromises
February 15, 2017

Over the past week, President Donald Trump has begun his involvement in the Asia Pacific political theater, which included reneging on some of his strongest campaign rhetoric. During the busy week, Trump...

North Korea sending envoy to Russia to strengthen old ties

(By Flickr user thierry ehrmann)
November 19, 2014

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is sending a special envoy to Russia, without any explanation on the trip, according to North Korean state media. The Korean Central News Agency also did not give out any...

Pattern of US citizens held prisoners now released by North Korea

November 12, 2014

By Alexa Gagosz After two years and seven months, North Korea has finally released U.S. citizens Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller, the U.S. State Department announced Saturday, according to multiple...

North Korea claims to be humane in 50,000 plus word report

(Photo by Flickr user Zennie Abraham)
October 1, 2014

By Alexa Gagosz When the U.N. came out with the human rights abuses report against North Korea in February, Pyongyang decided to challenge the conclusion that they were committing human rights violations,...

Implications of North Korean Nuclear Weapons Test

Implications of North Korean Nuclear Weapons Test
February 20, 2013

David Frederick  Journal Staff The situation in North Korea is something of a unique mess.  The identity of North Korea has manifested itself in the form of pop culture parodies of dictators Kim Jong-il...

Visiting Scholar Enlightens Campus on North Korea

Visiting Scholar Enlightens Campus on North Korea
December 19, 2012

  This past Thursday at Suffolk University’s poetry center, willing students were offered insight into one of, if not the, most foreign and unseen place in the world. Ambassador Friedrich Lohr,...

North Korea, possible nuclear strike against the U.S.: an unlikely scenario

North Korea, possible nuclear strike against the U.S.: an unlikely scenario
December 3, 2010

Jason Kenosky Journal Staff In 1994, President Clinton considered launching an air strike against North Korea as an attempt to extinguish North Korean nuclear sites. Appreciating the severity of...

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