Editor’s word: Feb. 27, 2013


Gossip gossip gossip; shut up. Yes someone on our campus messed up a little bit, and yes, she will most likely be facing sanctions from not only the city but from Suffolk too. In order to use MySuffolk, every one of you must check a box stating that you “read” the student handbook. It comes as no surprise that most of the students on campus probably haven’t read every page of this, if any of it at all. Do it. Do it now.

Perhaps this is a surprise to you: the image of the “student” in Boston has been stained over the past few decades by relentless partying, sexual misconduct, and apathy towards everything. Yes, this is a stereotype. Unless you’ve developed relationships with your neighbors, they probably have nothing else to go on but stereotypes. We’ve already had a staff editorial about this before, when Suffolk students were the cause of new legislation in the Boston City Council which made anything legally a “party” when a third person walked into a room of two. Remember when the Boston Police and City Council decided that there would be greater sanctions on to students and 20-somethings, throughout the city, who repeatedly cause distress to their neighbors through loud parties? No, you don’t. None of you showed up to the hearing which was dominated by North End families. Landlords now have a greater responsibility to fine, warn, and eventually evict you. Neighborhoods are starting to refuse younger tenants.

Apathy of the consequences of relentless partying comes to an end when you’re in handcuffs and Suffolk has been notified. Why should Suffolk have anything to do with your private lives? You agreed to it when you were apathetic about reading such a long document and just clicked the “read it” box. You were even so apathetic that Congress decided to allow any American citizen to be detained indefinitely without trial.

Listen, you’re not immortal or indestructible. You’re human and you’ve decided to go to college. Yes, there are so many movies you’ve seen where college is a wonderland of alcohol, sex, and drugs. Hate to break it to you, those movies suck and will give you an unrealistic perception of reality. Jeez, you’re paying how much money a year for an education? Yet you still think screaming and bumping your Macklemore (because if your friends listen to one thing this semester, it’s Macklemore) in a neighborhood of families doesn’t matter? That sounds like a sense of self-entitlement. You are NOT entitled to anything except basic human rights, something which not all humans today even have.

This quickly turned into a rant, apologies if you feel this might be us “talking down” at you. But you need to realize that if you choose to live in neighborhoods with people who have to work all week (every neighborhood,) you need to live up to the community standards. This is all Suffolk really asks of us students. Be respectful as well as mindful. Yes, it is a bad idea to turn your speakers all the way up after midnight. No, whatever emotional or physical state you’re in will not be a sufficient excuse when you’re throwing cans off the roof of 28 Fleet St. (FYI: That roof has the best view of Boston ever.) Yes, it is a good idea to talk to your neighbors, exchange info, and encourage them to contact you when your get-together starts to impede on their peace. That’s how you become what we like to call a “good neighbor.” It doesn’t hurt.