Accessory Alert: Oswara Collections

Maria Baluch  Journal Contributor

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism, recent graduate of Suffolk University Farrah Chamseddine has loved designing from a young age. She remembers always being into fashion ever since she was little. She used to draw dresses, wedding gowns, and just clothes in general.

Upon reaching high school, she thought it would be nice to expand herself out of something that she was so passionate about just to give herself another option, so she decided to go into Broadcast Journalism. Nevertheless, she always had her heart set in fashion.

In spring 2012, while taking a semester off of school, she saw wrap bracelets and really loved how they looked. She taught herself how to make them and began hand making them for herself. After receiving tons of compliments, personal requests and orders, she thought to start a small business from this and move forward from there. She began making a lot of handmade wrap bracelets and selling them, which led to the start of her jewelry line, called Oswara Collections, in May of 2012.

With her handmade collection being a bit pricier, she expanded her business by purchasing wholesale jewelry because she thought a lot of young girls would also want good quality jewelry at an affordable price.

Her handmade wrap bracelets are made out of real leather, beading thread and marble beads. She receives the leather for the bracelets from a factory in the United States who dye the leather to be the color she requests. For one bracelet, she uses about 50 to 60 beads.

When she first started, one wrap bracelet took eight hours to make. With hopes to make her work easier, her father, a welder, welded a metal piece for her that holds the leather material down. Using the thread and clasp, she sews everything together.

With her collection, she attempts to attract the younger generation and people who genuinely appreciate handmade jewelry.

She also hopes to one day have a clothing business and open a store like H&M and Forever 21.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the Valentines Day promotion that will be featured on her website of free shipping and 20 percent off everything.

The wholesale jewelry ranges from $4 – $15 and the handmade collection ranges from $20 – $50.