Rammy hits YouTube Networks Gangnam Style

Suffolk University created its own parody of the recent hit “Gangnam Style,” featuring Rammy.

The video is one minute and nineteen seconds of Rammy performing the “Gangnam Style” dance moves along with two Suffolk students.  The mascot is dressed in a suit with makeshift glasses closely resembling the costume from the original video. With over 11,000 views on YouTube, it is clear that the online community is enjoying the video.  The parody starts with a close up of Rammy’s face, then jumps from scene to scene as Rammy dances between the bookshelves of the library, various floors of 73 Tremont, and across the Boston Common.

“Like this video, if you think Rammy has swag,” says Suffolk University in the description of the video, which was uploaded on Halloween.

It seems as if the video was a well thought out and choreographed project, as the dancers and Rammy are completely in sync throughout the performance. Suffolk even went as far as to add special effects to the video.  At one point Rammy shoots fire from his hands. The last scene of the video tries to reinact the elevator scene from the original video.  However, in the process, Rammy loses his mascot head, an ending that delivers laughs until the very last second.