Fluffed-Out at FLUFFEST: 2012

Jonette Glass  Journal Staff

This past weekend marked the 7th annual Fluff Festival, a celebration of the deliciously sticky treat and its creator, Archibald Query. The festival took place in Somerville on Saturday, September 29. After about 95 years of existence the Fluffer Nutter sandwich still holds a place in the hearts Bostonians across the city.

The festival is a celebration of invention and creativity organized by the Somerville Arts Council. Karin Truer, member of the council, has been involved in the organization of three Fluff Festivals. Truer, like many festival attendees, appreciates the novelty of the event, as it simply isn’t your average street fair.

“At other fairs you have the same boring t-shirts and the same old fried dough but here everything incorporates fluff,” said Truer.

The food isn’t the only original aspect of the fair. There is a marshmallow war, a fluffer nutter making roller derby race, and even a fluff hair contest. Amongst the activities, you can see several high-school and middle school students walking around with boxes of Fluffer Nutter’s shouting “Fluffer Nutters support our music program and arts programs!”

These chants help to ease the guilt of over indulging on the sugary treat. Little sticky-faced children run around shooting oddly shaped marshmallows guns at each other care free, hoping to aim them into each other’s mouths.

“At least I can stuff my face in the name of art,” said Jessica Reyes, 26, of Somerville.

The cooking contest is one of the major highlights of the show, which includes both a most creative winner along with an overall winner. This year’s winning recipe was a fluff rosewater and pistachio cake. In addition to the fluff contest treats, there were also fluff pizzas, fluff cupcakes, and even fluff popsicles.

“We can only imagine what kind of sugary innovations will pop-up at next year’s event,” said 13-year-old Shelby O’Conner, after biting heartily into her chocolate drizzled fluff pizza.