Women’s Tennis Break Into the “W” Column With Style


Jamilla Van Dyke-Bailey  Journal Contributor

The Suffolk University Women’s Tennis team earned their first win of the new season with a 7-2 win over the Wentworth Leopards on Thursday evening.

In a game of tennis you have the “top six” match, where the rank on your team determines who you’re going to play on the other team. For instance, Suffolk’s number one Ram played against Wentworth’s number one Leopard, and so on; making the competition fair and interesting. To go along with the first six games, each team also sends up three pairs of players to compete in double matches.

The Rams dominated the Leopards in all three doubles matches before winning four singles matches, thus claiming their victory.

Suffolk’s Erica LeBlanc (Sophomore), Adrianna Garret (Sophomore), and Allison Weisenbach (Senior) were three of the Rams recognized for their great talent. LeBlanc and her partner, Kelly Conrad (Senior), the number one double, won the match with an 8-5 victory. Adrianna and Allison were partners who collaborated for an 8-3 victory. Even after winning a double match, these three ladies then walked on the court for the single matches; LeBlanc was 6-1, Garret was 6-2 and Weisenbach was 8-4.

Stacey Politis (Junior) and Melissa Chermely (Junior) defeated their competition with an 8-3 win in the finals double match and Elizabeth Arkins (Junior) conquered the fourth singles match adding to the other Ram’s for a total of seven matches won against Wentworth.

Since the night of this game Suffolk’s Women’s Tennis team has suffered three more losses, combining with their two losses before Wentworth makes their record 1-5. LeBlanc defends her team saying that their five losses were against substantially good teams. She believes that from here on out, with the five losses hanging over them, her team will band together more than before for the rest of the season using good communication in doubles, moral support during every match, as well as practice. Erica LeBlanc also admires that although they want to win, the players and the Coaches hold the love of the game to higher regards than merely winning the game.

The women’s tennis team might be 1-5 now but using their determination, communication, support for one another, guidance from the coaches, response from the players and their love for the game, they could become a definite force to be reckoned with.