After three seasons, bye bye Kenny Powers


One of television’s best comedies ended its three-season run on Sunday as HBO’s Eastbound & Down aired its series finale.

Loosely based on the career of former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker, the show debuted February 15, 2009 and introduced the world to former baseball legend Kenny Powers. Powers was once a star in the majors, but a series of poor, fame-driven decisions drove him out of the majors and landed him back in his hometown as a physical education teacher at his old middle school. Powers was convinced he could still be a star in the majors, and began planning his comeback. He made it back to the majors briefly, but wound up pitching in Mexico during season two and then in Myrtle Beach for season three.

Needless to say, the series finale lived up to lofty expectations and made fans clamor for one more season of Kenny. The first scene featured Seth Rogen as a closing pitcher for Texas, the major league team (the show tried to avoid using MLB logos). Rogen was at a bar and hit on a woman, who promptly spurned his advances; he followed her outside and after saying who he was and how he really felt, it seemed that she took a liking to him. Unfortunately for Rogen, he was promptly hit by a car and died. The next scene featured Powers in the Myrtle Beach office with his manager, who informed him that he was being called up to the majors. The rest of the episode featured copious amounts of Powers, April, Powers’ son Toby, Ashley Schaefer (played brilliantly by Will Ferrell) and of course, the lovable loser himself, Stevie Janowski. Throw in a couple car accidents and a fiery explosion and it was quite apparent that the producers were going to have the show go out with a bang.

The best thing about Eastbound & Down, besides the characters obviously, was the fact that each season was so spread out compared to the last one, which made loyal viewers crave more Kenny Powers, and made them excited when each new episode aired every week. I know that I will miss hearing what outrageous statements come out of Powers’ mouth when he is talking to his son, and that I will miss hearing just how Stevie Janowski managed to become even more pathetic and hilarious week in and week out.

So good-bye Kenny Powers, Stevie Janowski, Ashley Schaeffer and the rest of Eastbound & Down. As Kenny would say, you’re finally “OUT!”