SGA VP DiZoglio resigns

SGA VP DiZoglio resigns

The Student Government Association recently announced the next E-Board for the upcoming year at their weekly meeting, Thursday, March 10, but not without some shocking news.


Senior Nick DiZoglio wrote a letter to the SGA stating his resignation from his position as vice president. SGA President Mitch Vieira read his letter of resignation at the meeting, which stated:


“Dear Student Government Association,


Mike Murdock once stated leaders make decisions to create the futures they desire. Due to my decisions, along to obligations and priorities outside the SGA that need my absolute attention, effective as of today at 12 noon I will be resigning as vice president of the SGA. For the rest of my life, I will regret this decision and the factors behind it. I thank you for the dedication and continued support. Best of luck with the remainder of the semester, and congratulations to next year’s board.”


DiZoglio was not at the meeting, but shed some light on the situation in an interview.


“This all got involved somehow in Suffolk. It wasn’t a Suffolk matter, it was a personal matter,” reiterated DiZoglio. “I felt obligated resign. I’m very disappointed that I was dodged by my fellow E-Board members.”


DiZoglio did not, however, know that his resignation letter would be read to the entire SGA.


“Recently, I was not notified that the letter was going to be shared today. I asked over and over and over and I was ignored,” said DiZoglio. “Four years of dedication to the organization and four years of countless hours… I was very upset and I’m actually very hurt by what has happened. The truth is there is more truth to the lies that were told. I won’t get into detail, but there were a lot of lies told. The truth wasn’t out there and I didn’t get a chance to tell the truth.”


To replace DiZoglio’s vacancy at the SGA meeting, the decision was made to have Tomas Robaina, the SGA vice president-elect, to take over the position for the remainder of the semester.