The Motivated Sequence, comprised of Suffolk students, rocks Boston


Tuesday, February 24, The Motivated Sequence performed at Limelight along with Mindwalk Blvd., August Infinity, and the Andersons. Only forming recently over winter break, band members Zach Burt, Chrissy Tucciarone, Guy Zagami, Kento Takasashi, Bethany Kiuru, and Angela Degatis showcased their first performance at Union Street’s Hennessy’s. The Motivated Sequence began with members Tucciarone and Burt who met two years ago in Rhythm, Suffolk University’s own contemporary music group, which is comprised of vocalists and instrumentalists that share a passion for music. Being one of the only bands emerging from the Suffolk community, the Motivated Sequence has allowed these students to connect based solely on a shared love for music.

“If I wasn’t involved, I wouldn’t have been able to meet these members. After we started bonding, the members of the band were able to speak up. No one is on their toes anymore, which allows us to combine ideas. Other band members have come up with ideas I would have never thought of,” said guitarist Zach Burt

Burt explained the name was created while taking a CJN course and a book that inspired the band name.

“We didn’t even read it, but it was required. I liked the title so we used it as our band name. It is the original band name, I don’t think I’ll ever change it unless like maybe the author of the book makes us change it,” sayid Burt.

A local promoter contacted Burt in hopes that he, along with a full band, would perform at a venue. Fellow members of the group, including keyboardist Bethany Kiuru and violinist Angela Degatis, were invited to join the band and bring their talents together for the intended one-time gig. Thus, the Motivated Sequence was generated.

“I like how everyone that was in the band was really into the music. Then the people that weren’t vocals were still singing along. It made it really easy for the audience to really get into it. It was very cool,” said senior Laura Beckford.

This combination of different personalities and music interest that the members of the Motivated Sequence share makes for a unique sound that the band offers. Their mellow tunes can be described as a combination of alternative and mellow indie rock.

“We sound sort of half way between Third Eye Blind and Arcade Fire.” said band member Burt. “When I was younger, I was into a lot of acoustic and more mellow stuff. Whereas later on I got into bands like Radiohead. We all listen to a lot of different stuff. Our vocalist Chrissy listens to One Republic, drummer Guy enjoys classic rock, and our bass player Kento likes techno.

Friends and fans supported the band during their January 9 performance at Copperfield along with The Andersons, Hard No.9, and The Days Weight, where the Motivated Sequence was demanded an encore making for an early memorable experience in the students musical career. The Motivated Sequence has also performed covers to songs such as Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, which is sung by vocalist Chrissy Tucciarone, and the band has also performed a cover of Skinny Lines by Bon Iver.

“Colors and Lines, we always close the show with Colors and Lines. It’s really energetic, so we like to leave on that note,” saidBurt.

“Stay motivated!” added bass player Takahasahi.

The Motivated Sequence has recently been reviewed by and will be returning to Copperfield (21+, 9 p.m.) March 29, along with an upcoming performance at TT The Bears Place in Cambridge (18+, 9 p.m.) March 20. Music from The Motivated Sequence and links to more resources can be found on their web page