5 movies to de-stress while studying

We are nearing the end of the semester and everyone is stressed. To free yourself from piles of notes and books for a while, what about a movie to unwind? 

Studying for finals and writing papers might seem a burden, especially at this time of the academic year, but here’s the perfect recipe: five movies to watch, relax and feel like you are already one step closer to summer vacation. 

“The Holiday” (2006) 

Starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, “The Holiday” is the ideal rom-com to warm our hearts. Within a Christmas aura, Winslet’s and Diaz’s characters are women with guy problems who are swapping homes — and lives — to free themselves from the past. They don’t expect much, just a holiday, but they find much more than that. 

Nancy Mayers, director-screenwriter, creates the most lovely story for hopeless romantics. “The Holiday” is charming and delightfully romantic. It’s a comfort movie and one of the sweetest escapes in troublesome times. 

“Mamma Mia!” (2008)

Featuring ABBA songs, this film is a classic for theater kids and anyone craving a vacation to Greece. With Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and a cast full of stars, it follows the story of a girl trying to find her father days before her wedding. 

With astonishing views from Greece and classic songs like “Dancing Queen” and “Super Trouper,” this movie makes the audience sing at the top of their lungs and dance like there is no tomorrow. “Mamma Mia!” is a call for fun and perfect for summer vibes. 

“Blended” (2014) 

“Blended,” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, is a typical rom-com following two single parents that first meet on a terrible blind date. They never wanted to see each other again but the universe had other plans. Sandler’s and Barrymore’s characters go on vacation with their kids in Africa and slowly see their affection grow. 

“Blended” will give audiences laughs and the feeling of butterflies flourishing in their stomachs. Screenwriters Ivan Menchelland and Clare Sera create a simple story, but like most of Sandler’s movies, it becomes special and memorable. 

“Did You Hear About The Morgans?” (2009)

With Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, this rom-com is about a couple who are good at everything: except keeping their marriage from falling apart. However, this problem is small compared to the one they face when becoming part of the Witness Protection Program. 

Parker’s and Grant’s characters end up living together, isolated while hiding and they might find their love in the most unexpected place. This movie is a joy to watch and leaves all worries behind. 

“The Parent Trap” (1998)

This amusing classic Disney movie starring Lindsay Lohan, plus Oreos and peanut butter, is the ultimate kit to de-stress. It follows two girls who meet at a summer camp and discover they are long-lost twins who live oceans apart. After the camp they decide to swap homes and create an infallible and wild trap to make their parents fall in love again. 

Dennis Quaid’s and Natasha Richardson’s characters had no choice but to reunite to unswap their kids, but once they meet again, will they feel like it was on the very first night? 

“The Parent Trap” and all those movies are great options to sit back, dim the lights and take a break from a long study session.

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