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“80 for Brady” could be the best-worst comedy movie of the year

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Football, humor and legendary actresses: what could go wrong? The sports comedy movie “80 for Brady,” produced by former NFL player Tom Brady, was released on Feb. 3 and is already the talk of the town. 

In “80 for Brady,” a group of four elderly best friends go on a journey to watch their hero, Tom Brady, play in the 2017 Super Bowl. Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie” duo Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are reunited with “West Side Story” (1961) actress Rita Moreno and Oscar winner Sally Field in this story loosely inspired by a real-life Massachusetts-based group of friends. 

It’s interesting to see the representation of senior female sports fans and their long-lasting friendships. Still, Sarah Haskins and Emily Halper’s writing in this movie didn’t seem to have a solid game plan. The script is vague and sometimes nonsense. The characters don’t have a good storyline and some are even left open. Tomlin, Fonda, Field and Moreno had to work harder than ever. 

Tomlin’s character is the group leader, and I was expecting a “Grace and Frankie” style comedy from her, but in this film, Tomlin has a huge dramatic arc. Her character Lou has loved the Patriots since her time in chemotherapy, where player number 12 was the one who motivated her through those rough days. Though less comical, Tomlin absorbed the essence of her character, and in an unpretentious role, she did a superb job. 

Fonda’s character Trish is the definition of a “femme fatale.” She’s seductive, charismatic and the owner of many wigs. She is the kind of woman that everyone wants to be or to be with. She writes romances related to football players, which are essentially fanfics,  and swears not to fall in love during the trip. In a role that, unfortunately, could have been better scripted, Fonda, like always, was fantastic. 

Betty, portrayed by Field, is a former MIT math professor with a husband who is highly dependent on her. She always relies on numbers and statistics that may come in handy when talking about football. She is a bold and fierce character that constantly reminds people that she’s not 80. Field explored this character very well, and I might be willing to say that it was the most complex character Haskins and Halper created for the movie. 

Maura, played by Moreno, is the goofy and crazy personality of the group. She is a widow living in a retirement home, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. She has excellent jokes, loves to bet and is an ace at poker. Moreno was flawless – the 91-year-old actress still has it – even with a poor script and a silly role for her extensive and remarkable career. 

Director Kyle Marvin also fails to deliver the type of movie the audience expected. The scenes can be considered amateur for the high-quality cast he was working with. John Toll’s cinematography was rambling, and the atmosphere appeared more like an NFL ad. The best cuts of the movie were the Super Bowl scenes.

Let’s talk about Brady. The newly retired player produced and acted poorly in “80 for Brady.” Field revealed in a recent interview that the player was “nervous” on set and “felt like he didn’t know where to put his feet.” This apprehension was apparent in the few scenes he was in, but going from the football field to the big screen is a bold move, one that the audience should sympathize with.

Overall, “8o for Brady” is a weak release. What makes it watchable are the iconic actresses and the message of a lifelong friendship that can be seen on and off the screen. Some might say that Brady is the GOAT of football. I don’t know about that, but even though he belongs to the football field, he did a great job by reuniting the four GOATs of Hollywood!  

Some cliche jokes and football players on the silver screen are bound to make us laugh. So to see four talented women, sports and foolish comedy, viewers can enjoy a casual watch of Brady’s new tale.

“80 For Brady” is now in theaters.

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“80 for Brady” could be the best-worst comedy movie of the year