Temperatures to plunge preceding Friday’s snow

It’s been a warm start to the week with Monday and Tuesday reaching highs in the 50s. The National Weather Service is forecasting highs for Wednesday into the upper 60s with light rain possible in the afternoon.

Don’t be caught off guard walking out the door Thursday when high temperatures drop back down to the 30s. Thursday will be mostly clear.

The cold front that moves in precedes a winter storm that will be hitting Boston by Friday morning. 

NBC10 is forecasting 8 to 12 inches of snow dumped from that storm as of Tuesday morning, however, it’s not yet clear how much of the precipitation will be mixed/rain.

Prepare for slippery conditions and possible MBTA service delays from Friday’s winter storm.

Cold temperatures along with mostly clear skies will stick around all weekend, likely until next week. 

Temperatures are expected to reach up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday, much higher than the average high temperature during this time of year, normally 40.5 degrees Fahrenheit according to NOAA. (Courtesy of the National Weather Service)

NOAA also forecasted a high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday, almost enough to break the record temperature for Feb. 24. The current record is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 2017.

Boston.com, 7News, Boston 25 and others have referred to the drastic changes in temperature as “weather whiplash.” 

NBC10’s Meteorologist Pete Bouchard said the fluctuations in temperature is a product of climate change, writing “climate change is pulling the strings, but it takes an orchestra of coordination to keep this machine humming.”

The winter storm passing over Friday is expected to blanket Boston with 6” to 8” of snow. In a similar graphic, NOAA gave Boston a 65% chance to get 6” or more

How much snow accumulation will come from Friday largely depends on where the rain-snow line ends up. Here’s what local stations are predicting: 7News says 6 to 9 inches, Boston 25 says 5 to 8 inches and CBS Boston says 4 to 8 inches.

Either way, precipitation will make Friday’s commute dangerous.

Sunday is looking to be the warmest day for the mostly sunny weekend, reaching a high near 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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