Spring nominations begin for 2020 SGA elections

The Spring 2020 Student Government Association elections started this past week when eight current SGA members were nominated as candidates at the association’s Feb. 6 meeting.

Every current senator is up for reelection. However, anyone can run for a senator seat so long as they are an undergraduate student in good academic standing, will be at the Boston campus during their term and have never been removed from SGA.

Current SGA members can run for e-board positions if they have served as an SGA member the semester prior to and during the spring election, be in good academic standing, be a full time student on the Boston campus, and have not been removed by SGA. Nominations for e-board positions were first announced at SGA’s Feb. 6 meeting.

The next and final round of nominations will be announced at the Feb 13 meeting. Election packets for those who were nominated and for those seeking to run for a senator seat can be picked up in the Student Leadership andInvolvement office. S

GA Public Relations co-chair and class of 2022 Senator Marissa Kearney is running for president, as is current President of SGA and class of 2021 member Karine Kanj. Vice president candidates so far include Commuter Student Senator at-Large Lukas Phipps, who is also a member of the class of 2021 and current chair of SGA’s Diversity Committee, and Senator for the class of 2022 Stephen Rykola, a member of SGA’s Housing and Facilities Committee.

Class of 2023 Senator Boston Emmanuel and class of 2022 Senator Youssef Hassan, a member of the Housing and Facilities Committee, are both candidates for secretary.

The two candidates for treasurer so far are class of 2022 Senator Abhy Patel and Member at-Large Juan Pastrana, who is also a member of the class of 2023.

In other news, the Suffolk University Legal Association received more then $5,000 for a conference in Washington D.C. The funding was approved by the SGA Senate after debate.