SGA passes resolutions that support gender-inclusive bathrooms, lingual diversity

SGA senators approved two resolutions at the Oct. 17 general meeting. 

The first resolution states that Suffolk University should label every single-toilet public bathroom on campus as “Gender Inclusive.”

It also calls for the university to install menstrual care product dispensers and special trash containers for them in every women’s bathroom and single-toilet bathroom. 

Suffolk’s newest residence hall at 1 Court Street, which is set to open next fall, should also include gender inclusive bathrooms and menstrual care product dispensers in all single-toilet public bathrooms, according to the resolution. 

The document co-authored by Commuter Student Senator at-Large Lukas Phipps and Class of 2022 Senator Abhy Patel, who is also chair of SGA’s Housing and Facilities Committee. 

“Symbolically I think [this resolution being co-authored by two committee chairs] is significant,” Phipps said to The Suffolk Journal. “[It] shows a great desire amongst other committees to work directly with Diversity [Committee], and each other in general.”

SGA also passed a resolution that calls for SGA to support lingual diversity and inclusion as many students are bi-lingual and international students make up 23% of Suffolk’s population. 

The resolution also seeks to protect students from being penalized for speaking a language other than English in class when it does not disrupt the professor’s lesson, as well as “affirm there be no singular official language at Suffolk University,” according to the resolution. 

It was written by SGA’s Diversity Committee and Phipps, the committee’s chair.