New organization introduces opportunity for young professionals

Soleil Barros
Journal Contributor

The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) is a structured program introducing students to corporate professionals in their field of interest.

Involved in the ALPFA Boston Chapter, Suffolk students have the opportunity to interact with mentors, professionals and other students working in Finance and Accounting. The nationwide ALPFA program focuses to encourage students to improve their knowledge and develop an understanding of the field of Finance and Accounting

The program is not limited to Latino students. All students are welcome.

“ALPFA is open to anyone who shares values promoting diversity in the workplace; we are all willing to help one another in advancing,” said Betty Lo, President of ALPFA Suffolk. “We are one big family that looks out for one another.”

By providing students with the opportunity to network with potential employers and professionals, ALPFA involves students to generate a higher understanding of the field and the changing trends in both the job market and business.

“ALPFA is open to anyone who shares values promoting diversity in the workplace; we are all willing to help one another in advancing.”

The organization provides access to professional workshops, scholarships, student functions, and career fairs in the Boston area. While expanding Latino leadership in the global workforce, it builds relationships between students, the surrounding community and its business partners. ALPFA has provided members with networking opportunities they otherwise would not have access to. The networking assistance leads to the development and forging of business relationships between students and business professionals.

“ALPFA piqued my interest in that it is a student organization that is focused on career building and professionalism rather than being academically oriented,” said Fennie Lam, Secretary of ALPHA Suffolk. “It brings together students of diverse backgrounds and business concentrations, allowing members to broaden the perspectives of the business world.”

ALPFA Boston is currently the largest chapter in the United States with about 2,300 members. The program also reaches several other colleges in the Boston area including Babson College, Brandeis University, Bentley University, Harvard Extension School of Management, and Hult International Business School.

The program also provides a support system for those involved. On September 16, Suffolk hosted a student mixer in the Sawyer building for students from the different colleges to meet.

“I get really excited about working with students, it is amazing to me the maturity level and the drive of wanting to be successful that the students display,” said Lynette Correa, vice president of ALPFA Boston. I feed off of their positive energy and I am humbled by helping the student members in their career paths.”