Recent SGA Financial Committee initiative requests

Financial Committee initiative requests 2/12/19

Best Buddies: $1,457.84 for t-shirts and a conference in Indiana.
The Fundamental Brotherhood Society- $200 for “You are Loved” event on 2/14
Diabetes Network: $0 of a $2,045.92 request
for attending an event. The finance committee said it was too close to the event and the flights were too expensive.
Veterans Organization: $1,300 for new operation hat trick hats and a military reception night at one of the baseball games.
TEDx: $639.80 for laptop stickers and security for their April event.

Financial Committee initiative requests 1/29/19

SULA: $2,853.63 for sweatshirts for their members, food for LSAT prep lawyer panel, prep books, pocket constitutions, a conference in Boston and senior gifts
The Suffolk Journal: $2,494.73 of a $5,100 request for the National College Media Convention in New York City.
Photography Club: $486.07 for an end of semester showcase.
Mock Trial: $1,810 for regional tournament at Yale.
SUMUN: $5,250 for Model UN conference in New York City.