Fenty Beauty shines bright like a diamond

Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty has recently rocked the cosmetic industry with arguably the biggest launch of the year with “Fenty Beauty.” The launch on Sept. 8 left beauty bloggers and enthusiasts completely shaken. The line features a long-lasting matte foundation which includes 40 different shades, primer, a wide array of highlighters, mattifying blotting powder and paper, luminizing lip gloss, highlighters and touch up brushes. Though the product’s packaging may appear simplistic, the product itself emphasizes a diverse shade of skin tones, attitudes and cultures.

These new beauty products do not necessarily sell out in stores, but instead, the products always maintain an “in-stock” status. It is evident that this line remains inclusive, not only to women of color, but in the cosmetics industry as a whole.

The line is available at Sephora and FentyBeauty.com.