Suffolk Athletics introduces university’s first ever women’s golf team

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
New Head Women’s Golf Coach Jay Parker | Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics

“Passion!” is what Suffolk University’s Athletic Director Cary McConnell exclaimed as the most important reason for appointing Jay Parker as the head coach for the athletics department new women’s golf team.

A new chapter in Suffolk University’s athletic history is now being written. The school is constantly expanding, creating different dynamics for students and faculty. With the fall semester recently under way, major changes are being implemented such as the expansion of the athletics department, one of which is the addition of a women’s golf program. The inaugural season will begin on Sept. 30 at Westfield State University. With everything falling into place allowing this team to materialize, the time is now for a new segment of Suffolk’s sports story.

Parker was announced as the leader of the women’s Golf team on Sept. 14. In an interview with The Suffolk Journal on Sept. 15, McConnell discussed about the new coach, and said Parker is a skilled golfer with a true love for the sport.  He also added that Parker,  who previously served as an assistant coach for the university’s baseball team for the past 19 seasons, is an excellent fit for this emerging organization.

McConnell said Parker’s passion and experience will be an outstanding fit for the new position. He has been around the sport for many years, learning and studying the technicalities and strategies for his own skillset. In addition, he also has a daughter who golfs. Through coaching his daughter, as well as other female golfers.

Parker carries his experience and knowledge of the sport as head coach. Interested, talented, and experienced golfers are encouraged to inquire about joining this organization. McConnell says that this program will be able to, “provide opportunities for the players” both on and off the green. Having a small number of players currently, the team expects to roster around 10 golfers going forward.

In an interview with  The  Journal on Sept. 17, 18-year-old freshman golfer Kailee Santos said, “I think it’s really cool to say that I am part of the start of a brand new program. My coach keeps saying that my teammates and I are ‘going to be part of history’ which is pretty exciting. It’s always fun to say that you helped create something, which is what my teammate, coach, and I are doing.”

While this new era is in the process of beginning, she is busy practicing, and said “I’m mainly just trying to find my rhythm again.”

Another golfer, Aine Dillon, an 18-year-old freshman majoring in Applied Legal Studies, shared her thoughts of getting ready for the season in interview with The Journal as well.

She has been preparing for the start of the season, saying, “I always played golf a lot during the summer, but I really focused on getting better.”

Her dedication goes hand in hand with her confidence about her ability and readiness for the approaching season.

“I think it’s really cool to play in college, and play at a higher level and get better,” said Santos.

“I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be good enough, but after practicing a lot and looking at other scores of the tournaments, and then I knew I could play here.”

Taking into account all of the hype surrounding this new varsity team, McConnell explained that he is most excited for the future. From building on a great start and exceptional coaching, he is anticipating the program’s success.