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HOMECOMING 2014 :Fall Fest 40th anniversary unites Suffolk community

Amongst the various Homecoming activities that dazzled students, family, and faculty across campus over the weekend, the Fall Fest performances stood out as those that encompassed the best of Suffolk’s talent from both alumni and current students.

Fall Fest, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, provides a stage for the entir Suffolk community to come together and perform a variety of acts.  From musical performances and dance numbers by independent acts, to choreographed performances by the Fall Fest Company, the show was able to capture the many talents that Suffolk students have to showcase.

This year was especially unique, as the Performing Arts Office invited former Fall Fest performers to rejoin the company for the 40th anniversary celebration. Amy Kerr, a junior and psychology major, has performed in the Fall Fest Company for the past three years and remarked that this year was particularly special.

“What was really amazing this year was seeing past Suffolk students come back and join us to celebrate 40 years of Fall Fest. It really showed how being a part of the PAO family doesn’t end when you leave Suffolk. And we got to see how Fall Fest was really important for creating that bond and that family.”

Photos courtesy of PAO Facebook page

Kerr went on to add, “Every year I am more amazed with the talent here at Suffolk that’s showcased in the company and in the independent acts. We had an amazing show with so much talent.”

The idea that the PAO creates a family within Suffolk was reiterated by several other members of the Fall Fest cast.

Freshman Nikki Ellis, one of three emcees for the production said, “Throughout this performance, I felt like our little cast became a community, a family. I didn’t know a lot of the people in the cast and by the end of this, I felt like I could hang out with them and talk to them about whatever. We were able to encourage each other and bring out the best in each other.”

Along with expressing the feeling of family that is built within the Fall Fest cast, as well as the PAO, members of independent acts and the ensemble voiced their satisfaction with the performances, expressing that the five weeks of rehearsals paid off, and the dedication of the entire cast shown through during each of the two performances.

Emcee and senior Erica LeBlanc commented on the quality of the performances.

“The company and independent acts performed strongly and the audiences were very responsive at both shows,” She said.

“ Personally, I love hosting events and shows. There’s so much excitement in having prepared material, but even more in the uncertainty of a live show. There are just some things that you can’t rehearse for like crowd reactions and one-on-one responses.”

Fall Fest proved to be a successful part of Homecoming Weekend, uniting both students and alumni.

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HOMECOMING 2014 :Fall Fest 40th anniversary unites Suffolk community