Challenging global militarism: Activist Medea Benjamin comes to Suffolk

By Alexa Gagosz

“Yes we can live in peace,” is the promise the organization “CODEPINK” lives by as they urge women across the country to rise up and oppose global militarism.

Originally, the organization emerged out of the deep desire from a group of American women with a sentiment to stop the US from invading Iraq. Now known nationwide, Medea Benjamin, the cofounder of both CODEPINK and the international human rights organization Global Exchange, travels across the country to speak to universities. On Wednesday, she came to Suffolk with Alli McCracken, her associate, following a trip to Iran.

She is an activist and an author of eight published books. In addition, she is currently working on her campaign to stop the use of killer drones.

In the forum, Benjamin spoke about her direct questioning of President Barack Obama in the 2013 foreign policy address, as well as her recent trips to Pakistan and Yemen, which helped her inform others about the innocent people being killed by US drone strikes.

“As President Obama was speaking about a year and a half ago when he was giving his foreign policy talk, I don’t tell anyone how I did it, but I managed to get inside of there when we were working on drones. The US was lying to the people, first saying that we weren’t using them, and secondly, they were saying that they weren’t killing civilians,” Benjamin said at the forum. “Now Alli and I have been to Pakistan and Yemen and met with families whose loved ones were killed. We knew our government was lying.”

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Medea Benjamin
(Alexa Gagosz/Acting Int’l Editor)