A big screen garners positive feedback for the Nokia Lumia Icon

In the past, people were crazy about owning small phones, but nowadays, phones aren’t big enough. As new mediums to catch up on movies, television shows, and viral videos, phone makers cannot stop creating devices that fit all the pixels in one screen.

The Nokia Lumia Icon is no different, and one of its main uses is to watch sporting events, particularly NFL games on its screen, according to Nokia and phone users.

Gone are the days when people used phones constantly to text or call friends and family, now they have to watch a movie or play a game on their daily commute with their large screen.

According to Nokia’s website, the new video capabilities of the phone are its biggest selling point.

It’s puzzling that people can’t just wait an hour or two to catch up on their favorite TV show or why they would bother watching a movie on phone anyway.

However, despite this writer’s ire for the usage and sizes of today’s phones, the Lumia Icon can be considered a technological marvel.

The Icon has four microphones which allows users a great filming and sound recordings experience.

But using this phone can be complicated for non-Nokia users. The different designs and sizes of the icons can be confusing. Unlike the iPhone Apps, the Icon’s list isn’t as organized – it’s all jumbled and really takes some getting used to.

The camera is 20 megapixels which means that all photos would be of very high quality. But, moving images would still be unclear as is the case of most camera phones no matter how great the camera is.

What is great about this phone is its battery life. If minimally used, the phone could last for days maybe even a week. It knows how to preserve its power and even when the battery has less than 50 percent of its capacity, it can still be used to take photos with the quality unaffected.

With all of its benefits, the Lumia does have its flaws. The phone is simply too big to fit in normal sized pockets. That isn’t such a bad thing considering most smartphones these days are gradually increasing in size to provide a great viewing experience for the user.