Boston Ballet presents lastest installment, Close to Chuck

As people removed their winter coats on a rainy evening, there was apparent excitement as the ushers directed attendees to their seat. Presenting three different performances, the Boston Ballet has introduced its latest installment Close to Chuck located at the Boston Opera House in the famed Theatre District.

On opening night, the Boston Ballet fills up with groups of two and four sharing smiles and stories, it is apparent that they are members and fans of the ballet. The audience fills up the small theatre just moments before the show, as the venue fills up just minutes before show time.

Close to Chuck delivers a thrilling selection of sets by some of the world’s most creative choreographers. This program features a mysterious visual presentation of performing arts in C. to C. (Close to Chuck) as it is reborn by Resident Choreographer Jorma Elo, award-winning José Martinez, and Jirí Kylián’s spellbinding Bella Figura.

Dancers spilled into the front of the stage slightly closer to the audience but not quite leaving the stage seemed to give a somewhat innovative essence to the performance, as it added a new approach to the boundaries of the performance stage. The ballet included solo performances, sets of multiple dancers and a live orchestra.

(Photo courtesy of the Boston Ballet)

A beautiful and edgy ballerina danced across the stage as she spent a moment or so gracefully tangled up in a curtain to symbolize a stir of feelings.

The third act in comparison to the first two included a lot more vibrant music and colors, as it seemed to illuminate on the rainy evening. As the dancers graced the stage with their delicately choreographed ballet routine, it was almost evident that the show has a great future to come as the city of Boston is transitioning into spring.

The pairs of ballet performers delicately danced around the stage as silence struck the hall, allowing for every pirouette landed to be heard throughout the historic Opera House.

Presenting a highly energized performance, it was invigorating to watch the production to such an intense level as the silent development of a warm story was shared with the evening’s set of ballet lovers.

One of the most unique features presented in Close to Chuck included a small portion before the second set where the curtains were drawn to the sides of the stage as the dancers were presented in their most raw moment. In a silent segment, a set of about six ballet dancers seemed to be warming up for the following performance. The beauty to see the intricate and focused exercises sought out by the ballet dancers was an amazing experience, almost receiving an insiders-type look.

The third and final performance resembled dolls on a string as the dancers freely moved across the giant stage. As large fire torches sent a small wave of heat through the audience, making it clear that the final act of Close to Chuck was truly in motion.

Tickets to Close to Chuck can be purchased at the or locally at the Boston Opera House. Performances run from Feb. 20 – Mar. 2.