71st Annual Golden Globes delivers surprises, laughs for viewers

As 2014 begins, the new year marks the beginning of another awards season to commemorate the best films, TV shows, and music of the past year. The season began with the 71st annual Golden Globe awards. With a vast array of celebrities and stars from both television and film, the competition was sure to be one that was not to be missed.

As many heard through media and friends, the dynamic duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the awards, pumping the show with their highly adored wit and humor that targeted many of the nominees. Leading with the most awards was David Russell’s film American Hustle. The film took home the golden globe for best picture in the comedy or musical category as well as wins for best actress by Amy Adams, and best supporting actress by Jennifer Lawrence.

Continuing in film, awards were claimed by Leonardo DiCaprio for his leading role in The Wolf of Wall Street and Jared Leto for his supporting role in Dallas Buyer’s Club. Matthew McConaughey received his first golden globe award as a leading actor in a drama, also for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Cate Blanchette received the award for best actress for her role in the film Blue Jasmine. Finally, Alfonso Cuaron received the award for best director for his film Gravity, and the best animated film of the year was delivered to Disney’s Frozen, just to name a few.

Photo courtesy of NBC Broadcast Productions

In the television category, it was no surprise when the hit TV show Breaking Bad received the award for best television series after the show had finished its fifth and final hit season back in September.

The show was also recognized as Bryan Cranston took home the award for best actor in a television drama for his leading role in the series. In the comedy or musical category, the new show Brooklyn Nine-Nine proved to be a contender when it took home the award for best TV series.

Andy Samberg received the award for best actor in this category for his leading role in the show. Globe audiences received this as somewhat of a surprise as the show has only aired one season.

Also in this category, co-host Amy Poehler claimed the award for best actress for her show Parks and Recreation.

Upon receiving the award, Poehler jokingly locked lips with the musician Bono, adding more comedy to the evening. However, the two hosts for the evening were not the only ones instilling laughter into members of the audience and viewers at home. Actress Emma Thompson is an example of this, as she drunkenly walked on stage to present the award for best screenplay, martini glass in one hand, stilettos in the other.

Another memorable comedic moment from the show was when the co-hosts made a jab at McConaughey for losing 45 pounds to portray a man dying of aids in the film Dallas Buyers Club, saying that is, “what actresses call being in a movie.”

The light humor and generously distributed awards served as a jovial way to begin the 2014 awards season and left many wondering if the victors from this ceremony will prove to be just as successful at the upcoming Academy Awards in March.