SGA getting a start on its goals,no smoking at Sawyer

As spring semester kicks off, the Student Government Association has a full schedule of projects to complete by May.

SGA President Billy Cerullo was excited to talk about the community-driven events to come. One issue that has been on the mind of students is the potential smoking ban outside the Sawyer building.

“The project and initiative that we’re looking to take on it is not smoking cessation campaign,” Cerullo said. “We are not telling people not to smoke, that is not the purpose of this campaign. Over the course that I’ve been here, I remember that many students have addressed the issue. Students have come to us saying that they have a hard time getting to classes. Students with asthma have a hard time breathing in the Sawyer lobby.”

The purpose of the campaign “is to say to the smokers outside of Sawyer, that ‘we’re SGA, we can see the overcrowding outside the building and how it is negatively affecting students. Please be considerate to your fellow students who are trying to get to class and those that do not smoke. Please be considerate of the faculty and please move across the street.’”

Andres Cano enjoys a cigarette before class in Sawyer
(Photo by Melissa Hanson)

Cerullo is referring to the “designated public smoking area” out side of the McCormack building across from Sawyer. He strongly reinforced how it is the same as the small garden space outside across from the Donahue building. SGA hopes this will be a “continued effort” for the faculty and student body alike, Cerullo said.

“It’s not going to be us going out there asking to go across the street, it’s going to be a sustained, continued effort and that any students interested in getting involved or that feel passionate about this issue to approach fellow classmates and ask them to move across the street,” said Cerullo.

Another issue Cerullo and SGA are also working on  is building a sense of community within the Suffolk University campus.

He feels that “there are certain demographics that don’t feel represented on campus.”

Cerullo remarked on his own experience as a commuter. “I remember how difficult it was feeling that I could get involved. I was able to, but I remember it being this psychological confidence booster and leap of faith. It was tough to get involved and I am not taking that away from anyone who feels isolated, alienated and not represented.”

SGA is now planning to launch commuter socials, where like-minded commuters can unwind from classes and have a bite to eat.

“If there is enough interest, perhaps we can form a Commuter Student Union, which once existed on campus. A group run by commuters, for commuters.”  If passionate commuters are up to the challenge of building a bridge of communication with others, the socials will be on the last Tuesday of every month in Donahue 403.

SGA has also worked on Recyclemania, which will return this year.

Between planning these events and having their records digitized for the first time, SGA has been quite busy planning the semester.