Now You See Me film thrills audiences

By: Kaity  Conery

If you have found yourself in dire need of a mind-boggling movie full of unexpected twists and turns, then you have also found yourself in luck. Now You See Me is the perfect movie for you to watch.  It has everything you need in a great film.  It is filled with suspense, action, humor, and even some romance.  From the plot to the production designs, you cannot take your eyes off of the screen.

From the second the film starts rolling, the viewers are filled with non-stop wonderment of what is actually occurring and the mystery of where scenes will take viewers after a few scenes.  The movie starts by showing the individual acts of four different magicians who are illusionists and entertainers.  The plot quickly thickens when the viewers are shown a mysterious, hooded figure watching each individual act and each individual is given interesting Tarot-looking cards with a time and place to meet.  From then on, the movie becomes more focused on the four people together as one act called “The Four Horsemen” than as each person as a separate solo act.

The “Four Horsemen” at first, appear to be typical, yet extremely original, magicians who have their first performance on a Las Vegas stage. But, that is when the movie begins to go to an even more interesting level.

Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

As shown in the previews, their first act is robbing a bank all the way in Paris.  From then on, the viewer is most likely unable to predict what occurs in the scenes to follow.  This is where the mind-boggling, suspenseful, and action-packed scenes come into play during the  fun film.  This movie also will come to favor for history buffs by including interesting theories of the ancient Egyptian symbol for protection known as the “Eye of Horus.” Now You See Me is filled with plenty of humorous lines that are very well delivered by the superb cast throughout the film.

One of the best features about this movie included the incredibly well casting job.

Jesse Eisenberg (most recently known for his role as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network) did an excellent job as a somewhat conceited illusionist and ladies’ man.  Mark Ruffalo (famous for The Hulk, and 13 Going on 30 ) stole the show as the lead detective trying to track the “Four Horsemen” down.

But, let’s not forget about Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. Yes, you heard right.  Many know of their hilarious roles together in the newest Batman trilogy.  And if you haven’t then that’s another reason why you should – no, need – to see this movie. It is definitely worth the time and undoubtedly worth the money.

Now You See Me was incredibly well directed, scripted, and acted.  The ending of the movie tied everything together in a way that made sense of the mind-boggling puzzle piece scenes.  It was also done in a way that suggests the possibility of a sequel. The ending could be interpreted in a few different ways, depending on the viewer, but in any scenario there are very few holes or totally unexplainable material.  Simply put, Now You See Me is a must watch of the season and all within good reason.