Students will see a tuition price hike just short of one grand

On Thursday Suffolk University President James McCarthy emailed students to announce tuition hikes for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Full time undergraduate tuition will be $31,592 next year, a three percent rise that will add $920 to students’ bills, according to the email.

This percentage rate matches last year’s tuition increase, the smallest increase Suffolk has implemented in 36 years. Greg Gatlin, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Suffolk, said the price hike was necessary to “make sure we are providing students with the best services and educational experience.”

Housing costs for living in Suffolk’s dorm buildings will stay flat for the fourth year in a row. Last year, the Journal reported that Suffolk’s housing costs were sixth most expensive in the nation, according to a list compiled by Campus Grotto. Meal plan costs will see an increase of between $88 and $110.

“We are making sure we keep costs low across the board,” Gatlin said. “We are very aware that students and their families have to pay the bills. We’re doing our best to keep Suffolk education affordable, but we recognize that $30,000 is expensive for students.”

Gatlin noted that Suffolk’s tuition increase is among the lowest in Boston, especially pointing out that Suffolk’s hike is the lowest dollar value amount compared to other area school’s proposals.