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Student safety abroad should raise concerns

Patrick Holmes/Opinion Editor

Patrick Holmes

September 20, 2017

It’s time to start rethinking how we view Europe as a trendy travel destination. Due to the many terrorist attacks and acts of terror, it’s imperative to be wary when planning vacations, especially for students studying abroad. On Sunday, four Boston College students were subject to hydrochloric ac...

Semester overseas lives up to high expectations

Semester overseas lives up to high expectations

Connie Lai

June 7, 2015

It’s astonishing how fast time goes by. And, after nearly six months abroad, I will be returning to my home in Boston, a jump across the pond from where I spent a semester in London. I will be on U.S. soil again. Studying abroad was not a decision that was made on a whim. It was a process, which...

Was closing Suffolk’s Dakar campus the right decision?

Courtesy of Kenneth Martin.

Alexa Gagosz

June 7, 2015

In 2011, Suffolk University announced plans to close its Dakar campus stating financial reasons, which still has faculty questioning the decision. The campus located in Senegal was considered by Suffolk University as a gateway to American culture for students in Senegal and other West African countries....

Student sculpts marble overseas, refines skills

Cormier observes marble on a colossal scale in the White Marble Carrara Mountains.

Brigitte Carreiro

June 7, 2015

Gypsies commonly roam Italian cities and Florence is no exception. While these wanderers may be avoided and ignored, junior Haley Cormier was able to use them as inspiration for her art. Clad in garb made up of long, velvety skirts, the gypsies made up much of Cormier’s craft while she studied at Studio...

Through the eyes of a study abroad student: Embracing the art of being transient

Ogwen Valley
Connie Lai/Journal Staff

Connie Lai

April 22, 2015

Last month, in one of my writing classes at Westminster, I was able to work with playwright Ben Musgrave. He had the entire class do one particular exercise where we drew geographical maps using dots and family background information. When he looked at mine, he said, “So, your family line has...

Student captures phenomenon in Arctic Circle

Connie Lai/Journal Staff

Connie Lai

April 7, 2015

Do you prefer mountains or the beach? That has always been an essential question in getting to know a person. Having been born in Sunnyvale, California, where it was always sunny (no pun intended), my obvious answer would be the beach, right? Well, not exactly. After moving to New England and living there most of my life, I have formed a certain attachment to mount...

Suffolk abroad: Passports, balances, and Europe

Courtesy of ISSO

Dani Marrero

February 12, 2015

With a campus in Madrid and one of the largest international student populations in Boston, Suffolk takes pride in offering a global experience to students. On campus in Boston, the diversity in languages and cultural student groups is evident. This experience is sometimes complemented with a semester...

Fashion, art, and dance: An insider’s look at the arts across the pond

(Photo by NJKhaleeq Photography)

June 5, 2014

By Annie Walsh One of my greatest intentions while studying abroad was to receive a meaningful engagement with the host culture. Upon my arrival to Britain, I thought: what better way to achieve this than to indulge in the aspects of British culture through fashion, museum art, and dance? T...

Career Fest 2013: Study abroad students learn how to market their experiences

(Photo by Haley Carloni)

Matt Bacon

October 30, 2013

One of Suffolk’s biggest attractions is its study abroad program. On top having a second campus in Madrid, Suffolk offers a wide variety of study abroad options that students cannot find at most other schools in the country. As part of this year’s Career Fest, a panel of four Suffolk alums gathered...

What it means to become a part of studying abroad

What it means to become a part of studying abroad

March 28, 2013

Mollie Chandler  Journal Contributor You cannot, in fact, rent a monkey in Granada. That’s what Galena was trying to tell us at intercambio, a Spanish-English conversational exchange at Café Diurno in the Chueca district of Madrid, Spain. She asked us where we’d travelled so far in Spain, an...

Suffolk Abroad: How Travel Changes You

Suffolk Abroad: How Travel Changes You

December 19, 2012

Kelly Flores  Journal Staff Every former exchange student and each participant of a program-gone-global will tell you, “Studying abroad changed my life,” or “I wouldn’t trade my experiences abroad for anything.” But what makes them say this? What is the universal lesson learned by each ...

Web Exclusive! First Posting: In the Shadow of Duomo

Web Exclusive! First Posting: In the Shadow of Duomo

Ally Thibault

September 26, 2012

Ciao! Benvenuti a Firenze! Home of DaVinci, Dante, and the Medici Family. Where ancient palazzi and statues inspire awe against the green hills of Tuscany and distance gray-blue mountain ranges. Famous churches, galleries, and shops line every step of the narrow cobblestone streets and only foreign ...

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