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Ford Hall Forum talks ISIS, Syrian migrant crisis and Ukraine

Alexa Gagosz/ Journal Staff

Alexa Gagosz

December 2, 2015

Due to recent attacks in Paris, the security and strength of Europe is heading toward serious questioning. Mary Yntema, the president and CEO of WorldBoston, introduced Secretary General at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Italian Ambassador Lamberto Zannier at Suffolk Uni...

Vermeer exhibit looks closer at social classes

MFA Director Matthew Teitelbaum and Ronni Baer 
present “Class Distinctions” to the public. Brigitte Carreiro/News Editor

Brigitte Carreiro, News Editor

October 7, 2015

For the first time at the Museum of Fine Arts, two pieces by painter Johannes Vermeer were on display in an exhibition aimed at celebrating Dutch painters and exploring societal distinctions. “It was an era marked by political change and war, and by great disparity in wealth,” presented an introduction...

Damon’s performance, special effects unearthly

Matt Damon  spoke with NASA Astronaut Drew Feustel at a Q&A in August about human exploration of Mars in 2030. Courtesy of The Martian’s Facebook

October 7, 2015

By Colin Barry From the endless crimson deserts, weather that can go from brutally hot to sub-zero, to its thin atmosphere that makes the planet uninhabitable, the idea of colonizing on Mars seems farfetched. Ridley Scott’s newest film, The Martian, stars Matt Damon fighting for his life on the red planet while despe...

Why I refuse to celebrate Columbus Day

Sam Humphrey/Journal Staff

October 7, 2015

By Patricia Negrón The United States will celebrate Columbus Day on Monday, October 12. However, Columbus Day should not be celebrated because history should not be forgotten or looked at through forgiving eyes. What the Europeans did to the Native peoples of the Americas is simply barbaric, yet...

Pro Sports Column: Starter predictions for upcoming season

Boston Celtics huddle before a game. Courtesy of Boston Celtics’ Facebook

October 7, 2015

By Christian Nagle On Tuesday Sept. 29, the Celtics held an open practice for its season ticket holders. The event consisted of a three “quarters,” eight-minute scrimmage between two teams, “Team Green” and “Team White.” Both teams were chosen by head coach Brad Stevens, which gives us an implication of at least two potential starting lineups that we may see dur...

Journal and Voice join forces

Alex Pearlman

March 31, 2010

Article by: Tom Russo The Suffolk Journal and Suffolk Voice, in coordination with the Communications and Journalism Department, host­ed a panel of experts at the C. Walsh Theater last Thursday to discuss the future of journalism in the digital age. Eight guests comprised two panels that bookended the keynote speaker of the event, Cha...

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