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Ugandan anti-gay bill fuels protest

Derek Anderson

February 10, 2010

Article by: Derek Anderson A proposed anti-homosexual bill in Uganda stirred up LGBT activists in Boston enough to take action in a protest last Thursday night in front of the John F. Kennedy Federal Building. The rally, organized by Anti-Violence Project of Massachusetts and Join the Impact MA, protested an Amer...

World Briefs Jan. 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

KABUL - General Stanely McChrystal  said on Sunday that he hopes increased NATO forces in Afghanistan will destabilize the Taliban enough for the group to accept a peace deal, according to Reuters.  "As a soldier,  my personal feeling is that there has been enough fighting," McChrystal said to the Fina...

Reverse Culture Shock

Alyssa Mitchell

January 27, 2010

What? No naps in the middle of the day? Lack of motivation, anger, loneliness, anxiety, and depression; these symptoms may sound familiar to any sleepless, party hard, cram-all-night college student, but for any student that has every studied abroad, you know these are the warning signs of culture shock. ...

Globe trotting Vice Pres discusses importance of international students

Derek Anderson

November 18, 2009

Article By: Derek Anderson Marguerite Dennis, the Vice President for Enrollment, Retention and International Programs at Suffolk University, came to Suffolk in 1989, Dennis has put 20 years of hard work into the University and continues to do so everyday. Born in Brooklyn, Dennis started worki...

The Problem with Russia

Alex Pearlman

November 14, 2009

News Commentary by: Alex Pearlman Even though Russian Prime Minister Putin made headlines earlier this year for riding bare-chested through the Siberian wilderness, looking foxy as ever, the muscles don’t distract from the real problem brewing in the East: Russia is once again becoming a pain in everyo...

World Briefs Nov. 14, 2009

November 14, 2009

Asia – KABUL, Afganistan--President Hamid Karzai has acknowledged his presidential victory as fraud according to the AP. President Karzai asks the Afghan people not to turn this “victory” into a into a nightmare for the Afghan people. Karzai told AP, "There were irregularities. There must've al...

Commentary: The importance of truth

Brian Higdon and Phillip Smyth

November 11, 2009

On Nov. 4, Suffolk had its annual fall debate between College Democrats and College Republicans. The debate was lively, until one of the speakers stated that (we are paraphrasing), “there is no Taliban or al Qaeda in Afghanistan.” For anyone who performs a cursory inspection of a newspaper, watches...

Suffolk student finalist in beauty pageant

Delia Mooney

November 11, 2009

  Suffolk University junior Jolin Shang was selected in August as one of the thirteen finalists for the Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant, one of the largest, most influential beauty pageants along the East Coast. According to Shang, who came moved to America to attend Suffolk in 2006, t...

Hart hopes U.S. will warm to climate change discussions

Alex Pearlman

November 4, 2009

Article By: Alex Pearlman An energy box, a foreign policy box, an economics box. According to former Senator Gary Hart, these areas of policy of decades past were unrelated, individual issues, dealt with by Congressional committees, each focusing on their own, single box. But Hart believes th...

University politics in Lebanon on national stage

Phillip Smyth

October 28, 2009

Henry Kissinger famously quipped that, “university politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small.” Often showing up to school dressed in suits and ties, Suffolk University’s student leadership, in the words of Student Government Association (SGA) Member-at-Large, Gaetano Zagami,...

World Briefs Oct. 28, 2009

October 28, 2009

BEIJING, China — The government is currently trying to rescue 25 crew members of a Chinese cargo ship, the De Xin Hai, which was hijacked by Somali pirates off the coast of Somalia on Monday. The pirates took control of the ship and threatened to kill off crew members if rescue attempts were made.  "We...

Suffolk Diwali night celebrates Indian culture

Ryan Boyle

October 28, 2009

By: Ryan Boyle On the evening of Friday Oct. 25, the Suffolk community celebrated Diwali Night 2009 in the Sawyer Lounge.  Sponsored by the Center for International Education and the Suffolk Indian student community, the event featured Rangoli designing, a Punja pair, and was concluded by some authenti...

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