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Texas snowstorm leaves millions in dangerous living conditions

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor February 23, 2021

A winter snowstorm has swept across the South, causing more than 5 million people to lose power. Many have been left in below freezing temperatures and dangerous living conditions, including having no...

February marks a month of tradition and celebration for the Asian community

AAA discusses New Year celebrations for Asian communities

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor February 16, 2021

The month of February is an important time of celebration and significant traditions for many Asian communities. The pandemic has changed how some may celebrate festivals like Lunar New Year and Chinese...

Mocha Connection team

Boston-based coffee sellers curb addiction in Yemen

Ashley Fairchild, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

Even in February, the coldest month of the year, the team at Mocha Connection attends the Somerville Market to spread their initiative to combat addiction in Yemen.  The community-based initiative...

Suffolk alum, Christian Morris, talks climate policy

CUES lecture series looks at climate policy

Ainsley Miles, Journal Contributor February 16, 2021

The first Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) lecture of the semester featured Christian Morris, a recent Suffolk University graduate. Morris presented about climate change and his work...

COVID-19 variants have been documented across the world

New COVID-19 variants reported around the world

Shealagh Sullivan, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

New variants of COVID-19 have been documented across the globe and in the United States, leading scientists and public health officials to encourage new mask precautions as studies on the virus continue...

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Himalayan glacier incident linked to climate change

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor February 16, 2021

A sudden flood from a Himalayan glacier washed through northern India on Feb. 7, causing parts of the glacier to fall into a river where water overflowed in Uttarakhand.  This avalanche has killed...

Ram Inclusion Week includes diversity panel

International students discuss diversity at Suffolk

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor February 9, 2021

Two international students shared their experiences at Suffolk University and their thoughts on diversity during a Feb. 3 panel, an event put on as part of the university’s 2021 Ram Inclusion Week.  Min-Fang...

COVID-19 vaccines rollout all over the world

COVID-19 vaccination rates differ around the world

Clarissa LaGasse, Journal Contributor February 9, 2021

Vaccines are being distributed around the world to protect people from the COVID-19 virus and its variants. Massachusetts is rolling out its own system for vaccinations.  Countries such as Israel,...

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2020 tied for warmest year on record

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor February 9, 2021

A NASA analysis shows 2020 and 2016 are tied for the warmest years on record. Earth’s global temperature continues to follow a warming trend. According to CBS News, the average 2020 temperature was...

ASA President, Oluwatumininu Akinyombo (left) and Vice President, Patricia Mudogo continue to educate Suffolk about Africa

African Student Association continues to educate Suffolk community on Africa, despite COVID-19 challenges

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor December 9, 2020

Suffolk University’s African Student Association (ASA) continues to work to educate and bring together the Suffolk community through African culture during an unprecedented fall semester.  Suffolk...

Greek-Americans celebrate independence from the Ottomans

Conflict brews between Greece and Turkey over Mediterranean territory

Alex Svenson, Journal Contributor December 8, 2020

An ongoing conflict between Greece and Turkey has been brewing in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with both countries accusing each other of overstepping in an area they both lay claim to.  The conflict...

Suffolk professors give their input on COVID-19 regulations

Suffolk science professors share their thoughts on COVID-19

Shealagh Sullivan, Staff Writer December 8, 2020

Massachusetts and the United States as a whole have seen an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases, leaving many wondering what the future holds, and what could have been done differently to prevent this surge....

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