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A rainbow Pride flag flies in front of the Massachusetts State House in Boston

Three ballot questions pass, one fails in Mass. Midterms.

William Woodring, News Editor November 10, 2022

The people have voted in favor of ballot Questions One, Two and Four, leading the way for a slate of reforms in the commonwealth that will take effect soon. Question One, the so-called “millionaire’s...

I voted sticker. Early voting is now open across the state.

Midterm Madness: Early voting opens across Massachusetts

William Woodring and Leo Woods October 25, 2022

Early voting has started across Massachusetts, officially kicking off the midterm election. Voters were able to start filling out ballots at polling places beginning Oct. 22. According to Secretary...

Panorama of United States Supreme Court building at dusk.

Recess is over for SCOTUS

Leo Woods, Photo Editor October 11, 2022

The justices of the Supreme Court of the United States returned to the bench to begin the new term on Oct. 3 following a summer recess and the monumental decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, which removed...

Massachusetts flag containing Native American imagery flying outside of the State House.

Midterm Madness: Political Science professors talk Mass. election

Maren Halpin, Journal Contributor October 4, 2022

Get your ballots ready: across the nation, state midterm elections will occur on Nov. 8.  In Massachusetts, the ballot will feature the next governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, representatives...

President Donald Trump. Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Suffolk law professors doubt the viability of Trump legal challenges

William Woodring, Staff Writer November 24, 2020

In the wake of the election, President Donald Trump has filed lawsuits in multiple states challenging the results, however, it is becoming even more unlikely that the results will change. According...

Pro-Trump protesters outside of the Massachusetts Statehouse. Photo via Will Woodring

Trump supporters protest, deny Biden victory

Samantha Bailey, Journal Contributor November 18, 2020

In the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, polling facilities were receiving millions of mail-in ballots and early voting ballots in record numbers.  A notable number of people falsely believed...

The Georgia State Flag via wikimedia commons

Georgia runoff elections to decide Senate’s fate

Savanna Nolau, Staff Writer November 18, 2020

After the Nov. 3 elections, Georgia’s two senate seats are still up for grabs, and the race will go into a runoff election that will determine which party will have a majority in the Senate.  The...

Joe Biden from his days in Barack Obamas administration. Image from the White House via picryl

Biden’s plans for first days in office

Shealagh Sullivan, Staff Writer November 18, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden has announced a series of plans and executive orders he will likely pass in his first days as president, ranging from COVID-19 relief to immigration and corporate tax reforms Biden...

Suffolk Journal 2020 Election Map; Biden has won the presidency

Suffolk Journal 2020 Election Map; Biden has won the presidency

James Bartlett, Politics Editor November 7, 2020

Joe Biden won the presidency with 284 electoral votes Saturday morning after winning Pennsylvania. Joe Biden also won Nevada to tack on six electoral votes, bringing his total to 290. Other states...

Courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr

Race to 270: Biden and Trump enter final stretch before election day

James Bartlett, Politics Editor October 27, 2020

With just one week to go until the presidential election, both candidates are making their final pitches to voters. President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Vice President Joe Biden faced off in...

AOC on her Twitch stream

AOC plays “Among Us” in Twitch livestream

Savanna Nolau, Journal Contributor October 27, 2020

In a voter outreach event on the evening of Oct. 20, U.S. Congress members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar played the newly revived video game “Among Us” on a Twitch livestream. With close...

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Race to 270: Trump, Biden go back on trail and hold town halls

William Woodring, Staff Writer October 20, 2020

After contracting and recovering from COVID-19 with less than a month until the general election, President Donald Trump is officially back on the campaign trail.  Trump held his first in person rally...

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