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Suffolk Journal predicts the Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl has some great storylines to focus on but in terms of the actual game, the Ravens should be able to edge out the victory.

San Francisco has had the more difficult road to the Super Bowl, having to defeat recent Super Bowl Champion Green Bay and No. 1 ranked Atlanta in the Georgia Dome. While defeating the Patriots and Peyton Manning’s Broncos like the Ravens did is impressive, both those teams are arguably worse than whom San Fran beat.

John Harbaugh’s squad has not faced a read-option quarterback like Colin Kaepernick this season and there’s only so much tape to look at on him. Taking over for Alex Smith mid-season means there’s only a handful of game film for the Ravens to dissect on the 49ers’ quarterback.

While both defenses are imposing, the 49ers’ unit lead by Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis and Dashon Goldson is a stronger and younger unit than Ray Lewis and company. The Ravens also hit a downward spiral the last five weeks of the regular season. They lost four of their last five games, all to playoff teams.

Baltimore has obviously seen brighter days in recent weeks since the end of the regular season but that doesn’t erase that mediocre run. The NFC West champions went the whole regular season without losing two games in a row, let alone three like Baltimore did from Week 13-15.

The 49ers might not have the edge in terms of experience being the younger team, but they’re the more accomplished over this NFL season. Anything can happen after the opening kickoff but considering the body of work Jim Harbaugh’s team has put together this season, I’d put my money on them taking home the Lombardi Trophy if I was a gambling man. And now for the staff predictions…

[Matt B:] I have to put my money on the Ravens. A good defense is the best offense, and this Ravens team is all about D. I think they can bring home one last trophy for Ray!

[Melissa:] Although I would prefer that the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl, I think the Baltimore Ravens will be the new titleholders.  After their win against the Patriots, it seems as if the Raven’s talent and good coaching will lead them to victory. Regardless of who wins, the Super Bowl is always fun to watch and it is much less stressful when your team is not playing.

[Gianna:] If New England can’t be in the Super Bowl, there’s no other team I want there more than the 49ers. And I want them, and expect them, to tear up the Ravens. Not only is Colin Kaepernick sexy, his talent and rise to recognition is reminiscent of the earliest of Brady’s NFL days. Since I experienced my first legitimate nervous breakdown last February, I will try not to invest too many of my precious emotions in Sunday’s big game. However, now that I don’t have a horse in the race, I’m down for a close game. I’m hoping for something around 31-28 San Francisco. And if the Ravens lose, or the game and commercials fail to entertain, at least we have Beyonce.

[Ivan:] Who do I want to win? The Ravens. Who do I think will win? The 49ers. Ray Lewis has made Baltimore who they are ever since they moved from Cleveland and provided that city with the team they deserved. Seeing him go out in one last amazing game is the least that can be said for such an illustrious career. The 49ers have a very young team with several years of success in front of them. The Ravens are not going to make another Superbowl run next year. However, sports are not fair and it is more likely that the more complete team will dominate. Expect big games from Ray Rice, Frank Gore and Colin Kapernick. Needless to say, this will be one great Super Bowl after a couple of not so noteworthy ones.

[Ethan:] At the end of the last quarter, the Ravens will be down by seven points with the total score of 13-20. The crowd will start chanting “Lewis! Lewis! Lewis!” as he makes his final departure off the field. Joe Flacco calls for a shotgun, and throws the perfect spiral down the field, 40 yards, right into the hands of Jacoby Jones, who runs another 20 yards for a touchdown, picking the Dougie as his victory dance. As quickly as they can, the Ravens regroup and attempt a two-point conversion, which they get — leaving the final score 21-20 Ravens.

[Soleil:]49ers; #neverhomebutalwaysreppin

[Ally:] This year’s Superbowl, terribly nicknamed the BroBowl, will be a close game but ultimately the San Francisco 49ers will win. More importantly, Destiny’s Child better sing “Soldier” or else everyone loses.

[Ryan:] Personally, American football is too far beyond my intellect level, but, considering my New England origins, I must side with the opponent to the Ravens in light of their recent defeat of the Patriots.

[Gus:] Ravens win.


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Suffolk Journal predicts the Super Bowl