Boston Technophiles get Sneak Peak at New Gadgets at gdgt


Boston’s tech-savvy community was treated last Thursday, Oct. 18, to gdgt live at the Bijou Nightclub on Stuart Street. gdgt is a website that offers reviews and recommendations on all electronics from cameras to headphones.

Over two dozen sponsors were featured at the event, showcasing the newest technologies for phones and other electronic devices. Among the most popular were iRobot, Belkin, Tivo, and Olympus.

“It’s cool because this is one of the few tech events that lets regular people in,” said attendee Jacob Kantzer, who works at the IT Department at Harvard Law School. “It’s a chance for normal people to see the newest technology available.”

Visitors could trade in their old smartphones and laptops at the eBay electronics lounge while they snuck a peek at the new technology that is available through the website. As the online auctioning site seeks to rejuvenate its brand, it isn’t just for used items anymore.

One of the main attractions was the HTC booth which was showing off their latest smartphone, the colorful Windows Phone 8X. While most of the details of the phone weren’t available to the public yet, they did showcase some of the features of the new device. One of the coolest features for student use was the note taking application, where you can draw and type notes while the device records audio. In a competitive market controlled mostly by Samsung and Apple, this device provides a colorful and exciting alternative.

“The [Windows Phone 8X] pushed me to come here,” said Kacie Cabral, an Arlington resident who came to Boston for the event. “The camera worked well and it was nice to hold. I really like the different colors.”

Another popular sponsor was Drobo, a manufacturer of data storage devices. Either of the two latest gadgets, the Drobo Mini and the Drobo 5D, can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer, granting access to advanced storage space for pictures, videos, and documents.

“A lot of students don’t back up their files, and they should,” said Matt Thomas, a sophomore from Emerson College. “The Drobo is a great backup solution and it keeps your data secure.”

Tivo was there to showcase its new Tivo Premiere 4 box and Tivo Stream. Premiere 4 features 75 hours of recording capacity along with the capability of recording four shows at the same time while Tivo Stream enables viewers to watch recorded content on mobile devices. Both are excellent options for students who don’t have the time to watch their favorite shows when they air.

Looxcie, who produced the first hands-free mobile-connected video camera, was at gdgt Live Boston sharing its newest product, the Looxcie HD video cam. The new recording device captures crystal clear images and can send a live video stream wirelessly to smartphones and tablets and share with friends and family. Students won’t have to worry about missing their little brothers’ school plays anymore; they can watch it live from their parents’ point of view.

Half-an-hour after the start of the event, the line outside of Bijou to access the free event stretched down around the corner of Tremont Street. Inside, the sponsors were spread out between the two floors of the nightclub. Visitors were invited to participate in Twitter contests sponsored by some of the companies, in which attendees could win free gadgets by using the appropriate hash tag and Twitter handles. And for one evening, average residents of Boston were given a sneak peek at the hottest upcoming technology.