Senate Debate stand out brings a hopeful response

Outside of the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell Monday night, stood hundreds of supporters for both Senator Scott Brown and Professor Elizabeth Warren before they embarked on their second official debate. The constant interchanging of signs and chants excited everyone approaching within blocks of the debate.  As cars flew by, their honks and waves encouraged all supporters that their preferred candidate was the favorite of the state. This is what I love about our great American Democracy. Only in America, can a large group filled with hundreds of people, divided by candidates, stand together in peace and express our support.

No matter how you feel about either candidate, Monday’s debate presented a definite separation in policy and support. The common aura of the Tsongas Center, inside and out, was hopeful and proud. Every time I encounter a situation like the one presented at the debate, I am reminded of what freedom looks like. It gives me hope and makes me proud to live in a country where a Warren supporter can stand next to a Brown supporter and be civil and respectable towards each other.

All of the standout participators show up for the same cause, promoting and spreading their candidates’ values and reasons why they should be our next Senator. Everyone has their individual reasons for supporting a candidate and every reason can be different but the combination of efforts to spread their support is inspiring. Strangers coming together acting on separate agendas, while remaining peaceful and welcoming is something that can only happen in a democracy like ours.

Other than a couple petty arguments and an accidental crash, the site was filled with understanding and excitement. The mixture of ages amongst the crowd was also very impressive. There were children chanting and senior citizens holding their signs proudly. I was overwhelmed with satisfaction in my fellow politicos. Every time I have a sense of lost hope in any election, I know I can be rejuvenated in any form of expression of support for any candidate.

It brings me great happiness to know people fighting for opposite causes can set aside political views and talk about family, work and hobbies in one common setting. America has gone so far in their efforts to freedom of protest that standouts like this one have become a great American tradition.