War on the Woman’s Vote 2012


As the 2012 Presidential race draws closer to an end, the final efforts of the campaign to connect with voters begin. One of those major connections for the candidates is a race to see who will get the women’s vote on Nov. 6. With healthcare being a major issue in this election, the women of America feel threatened and unheard.

Both parties’ conventions this past month declared an official war on the women’s vote. Each party had powerful women from all backgrounds attempt to unite and enthuse the women of their party and some would say it worked. In particular, the speeches given by both candidates’ wives were the most inspirational.

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, gave a powerful speech about hard work and the power of a family. Ann Romney presented a heartwarming speech about love and reality of individual struggles that make a family’s and a nation’s bond greater. Both of these women are able to present to the voters a different aspect of the candidates’ lives. Mrs. Obama wonderfully described her husband’s dedication to the country while maintaining a family that still eats dinner together most nights in the White House. Mrs. Romney presented to the voters a different, more personal side of Governor Romney that voters are having a hard time connecting to. They both gave wonderful and emotional speeches to connect to women particularly with mentions of love, family, and responsibility.

Speaking as a conservative woman, I was not only inspired by both of these speeches, but I was empowered. My respect for any woman of power is greater than any man of power because I know it took much more effort for those women to get there. Michelle Obama embraces the First Lady title and she has been a strong voice for those that do not have a voice in politics. Ann Romney represents not only a strong mother of five boys, but a strong survivor of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer.

Women have struggled for equality and we are finally at a point in time where we can use our power to demand more. This election is important for so many struggling Americans and both parties are working their hardest to get voters excited about their cause. At a time where women’sneeds and families are being threatened, it is going to take much convincing and a lot of promises to get women to get out and vote. Whoever can inspire the most, wins the presidency. These last weeks of the election are a pivotal time and I hope one candidate is able to encourage my fellow women enough to get out and vote!