Venture: launched, available


After the launch party last Thursday in 73 Tremont, the Venture literary and arts magazine has hit the school shelves again and is now available to pick up around the university.

The event, unveiling the 2012 edition of the Venture magazine, was a hit this year with about 80 people – enthusiastic readers and a highly receptive audience – in attendance, said Jillian Canavan, the publication’s editor-in-chief.

“The event itself went off as a great hit,” said Canavan. “Every table was filled, it was a great turnout.”
The launch hosted David Ferry, an award-winning poet and translator as the keynote speaker.

“He was just fantastic,” said Canavan. “He read out some of the people’s poems that are actually published in this book. I had given him a copy beforehand and he went through it and talked about the theme.”

Venture has a theme with each new edition, this year being a translation of the word “venture.”

“To ‘venture’ is to journey,” explained Canavan, who said it wasn’t just about the literal meaning. “Venture, the book, helps bring people through the journey of reading and writing and expressing one’s self and to find themselves within their voice, their art, and their expression. It’s to help them grow and mature during their four years at Suffolk. Having been a part of this publication for four years, I can personally attest I have definitely been changed by this publication and for the better through growth and learning.”

Ferry analyzed the theme and explained to the audience that writing is an adventure in itself.

“Every line that you write in poems and fiction, everything, is a consequence of the line above it,” Canavan said about Ferry’s speech. “What you write is an adventure because you have to take the risk of putting it on paper. [Ferry] was just very inspiring.”

After Ferry’s speech and readings, other authors took the stage and presented their work. Both veterans who had read multiple times before and newcomers who had never shared their writings with a crowd before were active in the reading process.

“I applaud them very much for getting up in front of the audience. We had a great, receptive audience. I think everyone did a great job,” said Canavan.

Canavan said the process of creating this year’s edition of Venture, along with her fours years of being a part of the publication, was an amazing experience.

“Venture has really been a place for growth for me,” she said. “Venture has always been a part of my college life and I think it really helps guide me.”

Canavan said she felt it didn’t just help her leadership skills, but also her listening skills, as she learned to work with authors to craft their pieces the way they truly felt they should be printed.

“It really has been an eye-opener for me,” she said. “There’s so much talent at this school with writing, with art, alone.”
The 2012 edition of Venture is now available to students and can be found around campus.