SGA passes doughnut machine resolution

Suffolk University is getting a doughnut machine. Yes, a doughnut machine. And it’s for everyone.

Originally starting as a joke, the Student Government Association (SGA) Financial Committee saw the opportunity’s potential in their last meeting of the academic year on Tuesday. Vice Chair of the committee Scott Zalatoris, 2012, put together the allocation request form, drawing up what the cost would be to make a doughnut machine a reality for student use.

In Zalatoris’ presentation to the committee, he said the real reason behind the machine was to improve “morale” and “community” at Suffolk.

“The real way you get people out to events is through food,” said Zalatoris. “If you offer someone free food, they’ll absolutely come out.”

He also made the point that the school already has a popcorn machine, commonly used at large student group events such as the upcoming and annual Ramily Reunion.

“Jokes aside, food gets people to participate in group events and organizations,” said Zalatoris. “Plus, [the doughnuts] are not deep fried, they’re baked.”

Between the State Fair brand mini doughnut oven itself, a mini freezer to store the ingredients and food in, as well as an order of doughnuts to start the school off, the whole kit-and-caboodle will cost about $900. The motion to get the new machine passed with a large support of 6 — 1 — 1 vote.

Since the approval of the machine yesterday, the hope is to get it to Suffolk by the end of April. The funds will be transferred to Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) by the end of the week, and the order will be placed after.

“We can keep using it year after year after year,” said Zalatoris. “We can put the money down now, and we can control it and we can operate it. It cuts down the cost [in the long run].”

Overall, there is a lot of excitement behind the idea turning into a reality. When asked if he was looking forward to the machine, Zalatoris said, “Absolutely!”

“We’ve done a lot on the finance committee this year,” he said. “We’ve really seen people take an interest in student groups.”

This doughnut machine will further that interest, he said. Student groups are expected to be able to sign out the machine for group events through SLI once it arrives on campus.

“It’s something that’s different,” said Zalatoris. “It’s just pretty darn cool.”