Company provides unique athletic wear

Let’s be honest: Being environmentally friendly isn‘t a common trend in the clothing industry today. Manufacturers are really out to make as much money as possible. With that said, a relatively new company called GoodGear has not only gone out of their way to be green, but they actually provide a line of athletic wear that feels the same or better than  the most popular synthetic material. Saving the environment and the clothing industry might not go hand in hand, but GoodGear is breaking away from the norm of their industry. This Massachusetts-based company has developed a way in which to use bamboo to create their line of athletic wear, contributing to the betterment of the environment.

After working with many Fortune 500 companies over her career in public relations, new GoodGear owner Torin Lee says the company appealed to her for obvious reasons.

“There is no need [to put a] spin on our products and their purpose, the features are beneficial to the consumer and the natural part of the fiber and how it’s produced is beneficial for the planet,” she explained.

“Just like making a sausage, you don’t want to know how synthetics are made, which is far away from being eco-friendly.”

The entrepreneur emphasized the fact that, despite her company providing an organic product to consumers, GoodGear is striving to keep prices at the same level as their less environmentally conscious competitors. Part of the reason for this could be due to the relative ease of obtaining the bamboo to create the clothing, as bamboo is a highly sustainable resource.

Lee believes that what separates her bamboo-based product from the competition is the clothing itself, but their goal is much more important than simply making something different than the competition.

“The fiber’s texture is similar to silk and most synthetics and being a natural fiber, it’s hypo-allergenic,” she said. “The environmental benefits of bamboo are just as important as the style and comfort.”

Lee also emphasized the fact that GoodGear clothing does not retain odors whatsoever due to its anti-microbial capability.

The rising question many would presumably ask regarding the benefits of bamboo-based apparel is simple: Why isn’t everyone using bamboo if it provides the same comfort and helps the environment?

“The world is filled with those who follow the premise of, ‘If it [isn’t] broke, don’t fix it,’” she explained. “Large apparel companies move like, forgive the expression, an oil tanker filled to the brim; it takes miles and miles [to change] course.”

With her company’s unique line of athletic wear, GoodGear has been recognized by green organizations such as 1% For the Planet while also taking part in the Green Festival in San Francisco just a few weeks ago. They will also be participating in the Timlin Race in Hopkinton, MA, coming up in June.

GoodGear is not going to stand pat with their current line of clothing. According to Lee, in the upcoming months the company will be expanding their apparel line beyond just tanks, shorts and tops by adding hooded sweatshirts,  pants, long sleeve shirts, yoga and dance wear to their line of bamboo-based products.