Suffolk Votes current events podcast aims to bring accessibility, inclusivity


William Woodring

Cameron Sweeney in the WSFR studio.

Suffolk Votes is launching its new podcast, “In the Loop”, in conjunction with WSFR this week.

“In The Loop” is a weekly 10-minute long podcast that will be available through WSFR. The main goal of the podcast is to inform viewers on current events in Boston and the United States. 

Suffolk Votes ambassador Cameron Sweeney hosts the show alongside fellow Suffolk students Sydney Kinney, Julia Gibson and William Woodring, who is also an assistant news editor for The Suffolk Journal.  

The podcast aims to encourage students to engage and participate in the democratic process through registering to vote and making educated decisions when voting in local, state and national elections. 

Sweeney said “In The Loop” has been in the works since last semester, but has made significant progress this fall. 

“This semester, we’ve really been able to get it going. So we’ve been working with the Suffolk Free Radio and with the [Center for Community Engagement] and Suffolk Votes to get it off the ground,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney said the podcast strives to make politics and current events accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

“We work really hard on the podcast to kind of break down everything happening around the world and to put it forward in a way that really makes sense,” said Sweeney.

In line with Suffolk Vote’s mission to educate students on content needed for voting, Sweeney said his original intention behind the podcast was to give listeners a less overwhelming way to stay up to date on current events.

“I hear from a lot of people that they can’t keep up with the news. It’s kinda overwhelming, how much is thrown at us all the time. The point of the podcast is to break that down. To condense what happened this week and put it in 10 minutes,” said Sweeney.

The episode airing this week will cover the historic Boston mayoral election, aiming to give listeners a straightforward way to understand the process, impact and results of the race. They will also speak about several other elections that happen across the United States. 

Suffolk Votes can be found on Instagram @suffolkvotes.