Unspoken Feelings speaks volumes about campus art inclusivity


Courtesy of S'corra Thimas

Secretary Kassie Peloso (left) and President Sunghee Lee (right) pose at Unspoken Feelings event

Suffolk University’s art showcase club, Unspoken Feelings, aims to bring acceptance and inclusivity to the arts on campus.

Community outreach chair, Hanan Tuffaha, said the club’s core mission is to provide a safe space for students to share art of all mediums. She hopes other students find the same empowerment through Unspoken Feelings that she has. 

“Being able to share my poetry through open mics has made me realize the power that can come from performing something meaningful to you,” said Tuffaha. “I hope students are able to realize their art is just as worthy of being seen as anyone else’s.”

Unspoken Feelings stands out from other arts clubs on campus because of its unique focus on individual art, according to Vice President S’corra Thimas.

“Many other groups on campus have specific focuses towards collaborative efforts, whereas we partake in the range of all art mediums,” Thimas said.

On Oct. 14, Unspoken Feelings hosted its first open mic of the year. This event allowed students to voluntarily share their art to an audience. 

While the club aims to host more in-person events, Thimas emphasized that they still value the safety of students.

“We had our first open mic and have been doing the best to stay connected through our art while still maintaining all COVID safety restrictions,” Thimas said.

Tuffaha added that all students are welcome to the club.

“Whether it be singing, acting, poetry, improv, etc., everyone has a space to share and grow with us,” said Tuffaha. “I want [students] to gain the courage to use their voices in their art because it is so important for others to hear your story.”

Looking to the future, Thimas said that Unspoken Feelings aims to have a monthly open mic, as well as a talent show for students in the spring.

Unspoken Feelings meets every other Thursday during activities period and can be found on Instagram @unspokenfeelingssu.