Students express desire for change throughout campus


Nick Milano

Students in the lobby of the Sawyer Building

Students have raised concerns over the changes and restrictions Suffolk University implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Students such as junior Aron Librea believe students need to do a better job following the restrictions, specifically in the library at Suffolk.

“More students should obey the laws of mask wearing in the library, simply out of respect for students and others around them,” Librea said. 

Another issue that was brought to Suffolk’s attention is with the dining halls. Suffolk recently contracted with Chartwells Higher Education after the previous dining contract with Sodexo expired

Senior Annie Hurley transferred to Suffolk her junior year because she liked the school’s location and atmosphere, but explained that with late classes she does not have many dining options available.

“We need more accommodations for students for off campus dining and on campus dining locations that are open later for those with later classes,” Hurley said. “I acknowledge the hard work Suffolk puts in in order to fill specific needs as students but it does not change the fact there are some problems that need to be addressed.”

With varying schedules, some students like Hurley have night classes that get out late. . The majority of Suffolk’s dining halls close at 9 p.m. The Market at Miller which is open 24/7 but only students living in Miller Hall have access to it.

With most students returning to in-person learning once again, real-world experience and internships are a priority for students after being virtual. Sophomore global business and management major Maxx Lipuma wishes there were more classes that had more to do with students’ majors and more courses that helped gain work experience. 

“I have found myself taking many classes that are required but do not benefit my overall future and I wish I saw more classes that helped me gain work experience or connected me to jobs or co-op programs,” said Lipuma.

The Center for Career Equity, Development and Success at Suffolk is always available for students facing issues like this. The Center is responsible for supporting students by helping them build their career plan through improving their resumes, cover letters and connecting them to industry professionals. 

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