Suffolk staff launch new blog for international and study abroad students


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Center for International Programs and Services announces the launch of a new blog.

The Center for International Programs and Services (CIPS) will be launching a new blog that features international students and study abroad stories.

The announcement comes in an effort to provide reflections and connections for Suffolk students, said CIPS. Caela Provost, a study abroad advisor and manager of short-term global programs, is a contributor to the new Suffolk platform. 

Beginning her time with Suffolk just over a year ago, Provost said the blog’s inspiration comes from years of traveling and having a background in international education.

“I was looking for a role where I could settle down in one city, work with a great group of colleagues on a daily basis and still make a difference in the lives of students who want to pursue an education abroad,” said Provost.

CIPS is dedicated to working with international students and providing services that accommodate their needs. 

Provost mainly works to support faculty and staff for short-term programs, but also serves as an advisor for students looking to travel to destinations such as Africa, Australia and Ireland. More so, she expresses her fondness for supporting Suffolk international students.

With COVID-19 impacting all campus offices and services, CIPS has had to make changes such as virtual learning, teaching and advising. The department continues to maintain its goal of providing opportunities for students in a safe manner.

“We’ve had to work very hard to monitor the pandemic’s impact on countries all over the world and advocate for students who are continuing their studies half a world away from our Boston campus,” said Provost. 

Previous experience, Provost was an Education in Ireland Student Ambassador and a blogger at University College Cork inspired her to create a platform where students can connect through stories.

The new study abroad blog will feature stories of all sorts, ranging from adjusting to life in the U.S. to cultures abroad. Stories will be cultivated directly from international students and those studying around the world.

While most stories will be created by students, some posts may occasionally include CIPS department features and office updates.

Life abroad can be a rewarding experience, but according to Provost, it can also be challenging.

“I’m sure any international student or study abroad alumni can tell you that while education abroad is a life changing, incredible and unforgettable experience, it can also be difficult, frustrating and intimidating.”

In the hopes of sharing advice and support, CIPS believes this new initiative will be beneficial for Suffolk students, wherever they wish to go.

Gregory Jabaut, director of International Programs and Services, said the platform will be launched in mid-March. 

Not only will these students be able to tell their stories, but Jabaut said it will also build connections, cultivate new ideas and opportunities. 

CIPS wants this window to promote companionship and inspiration within the community.

“It’s my sincere hope that this new blog helps promote mutual understanding and serves to inspire others to go out into the world and explore,” said Jabaut.