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Opinion: Kamala Harris as VP should give hope to everyone

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Kamala Harris made history the day she was elected the first female vice president of the United States and has a lot of eyes on her regarding her big plans for America’s future. 

At a time when a woman’s right to make her own decision over her body is constantly in question, I am hopeful that Harris will stand up for women and protect them from getting these rights taken away. 

Harris also recognizes that climate change is an important issue in our world right now, and I am confident she will present a plan for solutions.

Harris’ win means that women and girls everywhere now have inspiration and someone who will advocate for their rights no matter what. According to the Washington Post, Harris has questioned Trump nominees who could take away access to abortion, therefore putting her at the forefront of the fight. 

Knowing that there is someone like Harris in the White House, switching up the long history of men in her position and fighting for gender equality, is reassuring and will finally give people hope for what is to come. 

In her victory speech made on Nov. 7, Harris emphasized that she would not be the last woman as vice president of the United States and that her election supports the idea that America is improving in its possibilities for females in high power positions.

Women and people of color can now feel widely represented, something they should have felt all along, and Harris does not appear that she will stop until she feels a change has been made. 

The current state of the climate is another large issue in America right now and another aspect of change that Harris rightfully plans as vice president. As a senator for California, Harris partnered with U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in August and created the Climate Equality Act, new legislation in America’s government.

“The Climate Equality Act holds the government accountable to frontline communities when it considers a policy, regulation, or investment with a climate or environmental nexus,” according to Harris’ senator website

This legislation will give attention to the communities that need it the most and give the globe a real chance to improve. By already having implemented an act such as this one, it is clear that Harris is determined to make necessary changes for the environment and will only continue to do so as vice president. 

Harris has a strong reputation for not being afraid of a challenge, especially in senate hearings. She has proven to the nation that she is not afraid to ask the tough questions and make a difference.

This kind of energy and determination is exactly what we need in The White House today, and I am sure Harris will continue to exemplify it throughout her term as vice president.

Harris winning vice president represents a lot of positive things about America and our choices for our democracy, but her victory speech really speaks for itself. It is proof that she will do what is necessary for everyone in this country and will work hard to do it. 

“To the American people: No matter who you voted for, I will strive to be the vice president that Joe was to President Obama — loyal, honest, and prepared, waking up every day thinking of you and your families. Because now is when the real work begins,” said Harris according to a transcript of her victory speech provided by The New York Times.

Follow Roxanne on Twitter @roxsnowden. 

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Roxanne Snowden, Staff Writer | she/her
Roxanne is a senior from Litchfield, Connecticut and is a broadcast journalism major. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to concerts, trying new restaurants and singing. Different from her small hometown, Roxanne loves being in the city, and one day hopes to work for ESPN and report on the sidelines of an NFL Super Bowl. Follow Roxanne on Twitter @roxsnowden

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Opinion: Kamala Harris as VP should give hope to everyone