Helpful hints to succeed in online school


Morgan Torre

Torre’s organized desk that is used for online classes and schoolwork.

Every college student who is living off-campus or back in their parents’ house can agree that this is not an ideal situation. In fact, getting your college education through a computer screen seems like a horror movie. 

By now, however, we’ve developed some sort of a routine and accepted this as our new reality. Some of us have thrived in this environment and others have fallen behind. Either way, here are a few tips and tricks to succeed in online learning, otherwise known as “Zoom University.”

Designate an area for schoolwork

This has to be the most crucial element to success in an online environment. Not having a space that is dedicated to work and to class time will lead to unnecessary stress and disorganization right off the bat. I personally utilize my desk in my room and I am very particular about keeping it neat and only using it for school-related activities. If you do not have a desk, utilizing any table would work in its place. It is easiest to take notes and use a computer in a space that has a flat surface.

Create a schedule/utilize a planner

I use both a calendar and an agenda book for keeping myself on track and on schedule, but that may be considered excessive for some. Purchasing or creating a simple daily planner to write down any homework is important to know when your stack of assignments is due. A calendar can help you as well, especially if you are managing a work and school schedule, which many college students have to balance. There are a variety of websites out there where you can create your own color-coded calendar based on your schedule. 

Find inspiration to keep going

Depending on your preferences, you might use quotes to keep yourself motivated, or maybe you enjoy listening to music while studying or de-stressing. I like to choose a quote to set the tone for each day. Today’s was: “Relax. You’ll figure that thing out. You’ll make the deadline. You’ll make it happen. You’ll sort it out. It will make sense. You’ll feel a lot better.” I found those words on Pinterest, which is a creative social media platform packed full of inspiration of all kinds. If you’re into the music side of inspiration, create a playlist with your favorite songs to get you going. Maybe a little dance party during study breaks can help relieve that tension you’ve got going on! 

Don’t give up!

Online school is hard, for both teachers, professors and students. Don’t give up on your education just because of a little bump in the road. If you stay organized and do the best you can, you will make it through this and you will come out stronger than before. 

Lastly, don’t let one rough day ruin an entire semester. Remember that one day of failure, of disappointment, of stress  or of any negative feeling is just a temporary moment in time. 

“The sun will rise and we will try again.” That’s another Pinterest quote for you (they really are life-changing).

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