What’s next for Democrats after Super Tuesday?

One thousand nine hundred ninety one is the magic number of delegates to win the Democratic presidential nomination. After Super Tuesday, it is clear who the two front runners are. 

Democrats showed up at the polls for Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden this Super Tuesday and it is relatively close. Now the question is, should either one suspend their campaign? Will their supporters rally together to support “Vote blue no matter who?”

These candidates should not suspend their campaigns just yet. This is one of the few times, where our country should let the democratic voting process run its course.

Although Biden won ten out of the 14 states, Sanders is still in the conversation. Sanders has won California – which has the most delegates out of any state in the U.S. – and he still has a great chance of winning the nomination.

Biden has a rocky past as a national leader with the LGBTQ+ community and social security. However, he has a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination if he can sustain this momentum in the upcoming primaries. 

But he needs a plan. He needs to focus less on people-pleasing and more on policy planning if he wants to win the votes of the American people.

For Sanders, his biggest obstacle is electability. Although he has polled high in the minority and young vote, he needs to shift his focus and work on getting the Black vote. If Sanders can prove he is willing to work with Republicans and get laws passed, he will get a first-class seat all the way to the White House.

Biden and Sanders should both stay in the race and duke it out. With their outlandish personalities, it is obvious they will drag this out all the way to the convention in July.

As for the losers of Super Tuesday, and those who’ve dropped out, they still have some use in shaping who will represent the Democratic party in November. 

As for Elizabeth Warren, I am disappointed with her withdrawal – she was my underdog pick. Unfortunately, she couldn’t even hold on to her home state, as she sat idly in third place. Seeing those early numbers could have affected how people in other states voted.

Despite her one moment of destroying any chance for Bloomberg, Warren was not a true winner of any debate. She polled low in the first caucuses, and that was her downfall. The media was another opponent for her — she just could not defeat these villains in her run to the White House. Certainly, the lack of media coverage of Warren helped other candidates.

I do hope she does find solace and ends up as a VP or in either Biden or Sanders cabinet. Sadly, the world just wasn’t ready to have a woman in the most powerful position.

Bloomberg won American Samoa which gave him the needed boost for his ego, but ultimately he failed to get voters to extend his run. After his recent dropout, Bloomberg should utilize his monetary resources more efficiently and help support any other candidate through his infamous ads. 

In the meantime, the entire Democratic Party needs to come together if they are serious about beating Trump. They need to pool their resources and work together to defeat the current occupant of the White House. 

We’ve seen Democrats in power support a candidate to represent their party. So far, previous 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg have endorsed Biden over Sanders. “Stop Bernie” is their reasoning. They have all accepted the political costs as these endorsements played a huge part in trying to hurt the socialist giant in getting an enormous lead on Biden. 

Super Tuesday has proven that no one can buy their way into the White House. Although we’ve seen candidates buy their way onto a debate stage, voters know that billionaires like Bloomberg who has enforced bad policies and Tom Steyer who has no policy experience should not reside inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As for the candidates who lost or dropped out, their fighting spirit needs to live on. The democratic-liberal-socialist party or whatever you want to call it needs to band together to stop Donald Trump from serving as our president for a second term.